When the sun rises

Nolan Remington was cruel player with heart made of stone but that was before she met innocent,kind and beautiful Lilian Rose


9. ours


                 Nolan Remington



"i want that wall to be light blue." Lilian said pointing the white wall in front of us."then we will buy blue paint." i said wrapping my arm around her shoulder. we finally moved together. these past months has been the best months of my life. of course we have argued but nothing  serious we really can't stay mad to each others. " i love you." she said looking me smiling. those words always took my breath away even that i had heard them many times before. "i love you more." i said kissing top of her head.

our  house was perfect. it was middle of town but not too middle it was old block of flats and it had beautiful big windows we lived on top floor in pent house. i kept my eyes shut holding her in my arms it was maybe one or two at the afternoon. i didn't care the loud knocks  in door woke me up. i jumped bit for the noise. she woke up. "i will get it." i said. she yawned cutely and gave me lazy smile. i kicked the sweatpants on not founding my shirt. i opened the door. "Nolan!" the woman's voice said loudly. oh god. how? why? when? my mother stood there looking me up and down. "hi mother." i said. "hi Nolan. why aren't you wearing shirt." she asked narrowing her eyes. "well i just woke up.." i said. "oh god, don't tell me you still continue that." she said. "what?" i asked. "sleeping around with girls." she said. "no..." i said. my mother was evil person. "Nolan who's there?" her small voice asked as she stepped into room only wearing my shirt. "Nolan-  i cut my mother before she could say something harsh "mum, this is my girlfriend Lilian, Lilian this is my mom." i said wrapping my arm around her waist. they stared each others for i while.  "nice to meet you..." Lilian said. "oh it's Marissa." she said giving her a smile. what? my mum was actually smiling? what the heck. "it's nice to meet you too Lilian." she smiled. okay what the hell? "come in." Lilian said. oh my mom was still standing at the door. my mom smiled kindly to her and stepped inside. "excuse me, i will go change." Lilian said. leaving me alone with my mother, dammit. "this clearly wasn't what i was excepting." my mother said. "what?" i asked. "i thought your type where those air headed barbies like... what was her name. Thea.. but she don't seem so bratty like her. what had happened?" My mother said. what? so that was why she was always so horrible to everyone i had ever dated. she didn't like them. well it wasn't a miracle when i think my past and girls who i had dated they have been so... well.. lets just say Lillian is totally different and smarter and many times better.  Lilian walked back to the room wearing leggings and sweat shirt.  she smiled kindly to my mother. "so Lilian tell me something about you?" my mom said and there it started those two women just kept talking and chatting like old friends about random life and i totally felt like outsider.  "Well,  i have to go now... see you. it was nice to meet you Lilian." my mother said. i walked my mother to the door. "you better keep her, she is sweet girl." she said to me. "i know and i will." i said. "bye my little boy." she said kissing my cheek like i was some five years old this was the thing about my mum. it didn't matter how old i was she would always talk to me like i was five. but i didn't mind. i closed the door and walked back to Lilian. "your mum was really nice.she wasn't so bad like you said." she said smiling to me. "yeah, it was weird normally she don't like the ones i date but she seems truly like you."i said. she smiled. "it's not surprise its hard not to like you." i said wrapping my arms around her. "i love you." she smiled.  " i love you too Nolan." she smiled pressing her lips on mine. 


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