When the sun rises

Nolan Remington was cruel player with heart made of stone but that was before she met innocent,kind and beautiful Lilian Rose


1. not like the others


                                                 Nolan Remington


                                             1.Not like the others



     i opened my eyes and felt horrible hangover. i looked around my room. my clothes around the room and i saw some bras and panties and those weren't mine for sure. quickly i looked next to me and saw sleeping girl she had blond hair. the imagines of last night came back to my mind she was good fuck, but no way she was going to stay. i pushed her shoulder to wake her up. what was her name? whatever. "hey." i said. she woke up and smiled to me. "morning babe." she said. "okay,okay, get out. now." i said with bored tone. "what?" she asked. "GET. OUT." i said. like how complicated was to understand simply words. she narrowed her eyes and gave me dirty look and stood up. and picked her clothes and i think she called me dick  before she walked away. i lied on the bed for a while looking the ceiling and then took some pain killers to my horrible headache. i took shower and admired my stomach muscles like who could resist me? no one? i could get anyone i ever wanted i smirked and walked into kitchen and made my self cup of coffee. i opened the window to let some fresh air into my flat. i stared the clock it was 13.30 pm and laugh of kids broke my thoughts. stupid kids. i walked lazily over window to look who where this joy killers this time. two little kids were sitting on the sand box and playing with the sand. i looked them and took sip of my coffee. "Lillyyyy!" one of them yelled and stood up from the sand and walked over to girl. i didn't see her face clearly but she had long brown hair and nice body. "can you build sand castle with me?" the kid asked. "sure,honey." she said as she turned around. hell she was hot, but what was she doing with those kids and who was she? she was totally new here. i watched as she sat down next to the sand box and build something with those two noisy kids. she was hot,though, i would totally bang that.after half hour she left with those two kids and i was alone again. i dressed up. i really needed some pizza and beer even that i had still small hang over. i walked outside and drove to near pizza hut and ordered my self something to eat and headed home. as i walked out the car i saw familiar brown haired girl locking her bike. she was talking on the phone i walked closer i was curious. "okay, bye." she said and put her phone to her pocket. she turned around and her beautiful brown eyes met mine. ewn i sound like some little teenager. but her eyes were nice.though. she jumped when she saw me i think i scared her. "hey there hot stuff." i said smirking to her and licking my lips. she raised her eye brown and looked me with disgust. well not the answer i was excepting. "hi." she said with bored tone. "whats your name?" i asked. i knew her name already but she didn't know that. "that's not your business." she said walking inside. so she lived here? "why not?" i asked. "what do you want?" she spat. "well, you me in bed? doing stuff. you know." i said smirking. she raised her hand to slap me but the slap never came. "so what stopped you slapping me? huh?" i teased. she glared me and said. "i wanted to slap you but i didn't want to get dirt in my hands." she snapped and walked away. 


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