When the sun rises

Nolan Remington was cruel player with heart made of stone but that was before she met innocent,kind and beautiful Lilian Rose


7. Never leaving this bed


                              ---Nolan Remington----


                                7. Never leaving this bed


I woke up from strange bed. She slept peacefully arms wrapped around me i run my hands on her silk soft hair she slowly opened eyes i hold my breath as she looked me deep i my eyes and smiled "morning." Her beauty always made me held my breath. Was it even possible to look so beautiful in morning? Yes it was she looked perfect. "What?" She asked. "Just socked by your beauty." I breathed. Her skin was flawless and her cheeks were light pink as she blushed. I leaned closer to kiss her but she jumped out my arms and run to bathroom. I followed her she stood there brushing her teeth. She saw me and covered her self with small towel. I wrapped my arms around her she put the toothbrush away and looked me. "Oh gosh i'm sorry."she said noticing my bruises on my arms and hip. "No need to be sorry,i liked it." I smirked. She blushed. "You are so cute when you blush don't hide it." I said kissing her neck. She smiled.she looked the big red love bite on her neck and gasped. "You have more." I said taking the towel off her body. She gasped there were five or more around her beautiful body. She rolled her eyed and i bite her softly and she giggled.this girl is so cute that i think i wont never get bored of her."kiss me." I groaned wanting to feel her soft lips against mine again. "Wait." She said and turned around to look me.her face turned into serious. "What are we?" She asked shyly and looked her toes. Normally i hated that question and would answer something stupid cause i didn't want anyone in my life but this was different. "You are mine." I said and those words came naturally from my mouth, and that didn't seem even weird. she smiled wrapping the her arms around me our lips touched. the feeling was better than i remembered it was weird how everything felt so great and right whenever i kissed her. maybe this was what i truly needed. her. she was mine. we lied under the sheets and just stared the ceiling not saying anything. "is this real?" i asked. she turned to look at me and smiled. "i don't know." she said and pecked my lips my arm hold her back i wanted to kiss her more than just peck.  she smiled against the kiss what made that tingling feeling grow in my chest. i said no to feelings. i was the one in control. i was boss of my self. but when she came in to my life  things changed. i wasn't on lead anymore. she was. just like that she had me. the power she had over me scared me and if she only knew how weak i was for her.


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