When the sun rises

Nolan Remington was cruel player with heart made of stone but that was before she met innocent,kind and beautiful Lilian Rose


4. complicated




                                        Nolan Remington





I woke up alone. Of course i was alone. What was i thinking. I looked out the window and saw her. She was sitting on the bench and looking beautiful. same two kids played bit further and she smiled waiting them play. I quickly pulled some clothes on and rushed down. She saw me coming and smiled warmly. "Hi." I said shyly and sat next to her.why was i shy all suddenly? I'm Nolan,im not shy around girls. "Morning." She smiled. "Lilliann!" Little girl yelled and runned to her. "Look i found rock! It looks like heart." She said. "Oh. Wow. Its beautiful." Lillian said and looked the rock and the little girl smiled. "You can have it." She said. "Thanks honey." She smiled and hugged her. She run back to play and Lillian turned to me. "Isn't she cute." Lillian said. "I dont like kids so much." I said. "What?" She asked. "Are you serious." She said. I nod. "You are weird. Kids are best thing i know. They are so nice to everyone and they hae big heart. Of course when they got older im not sure about i they are so nice.but they are sweet anyway." She said. "I watch Mel and Mike cause their mum is busy taking care of the youngest girl Violet who is only 5 months old. She has to take care of them alone." Lillian said. "Oh.thats nice of you." I said. She really was nice. "Im going to take these two at their house.come with me. I promise when you met Violet you have to like kids." She said. "Okay then." I smiled. "Mel and mik!Time to go home." She yelled to the kids who came running to her. "Okay." The litle boy said. "Who is he?" Melissa asked pointing me "this is my friend Nolan." She said it kinda hit me when she said i was "Friend" but i ignored that feeling. "Can i hold yor hand?" Mel said. I didnt know what to say Lillian was walking hand in hand with Mike so i could hold Mels hand too? "Okay." I said. She took her smal hand in mine and hold tight she was small but still had some power. Lillian smiled when she saw Melissa walkig hand in hand with me "awwwn. You two are so cute." She smiled. Kids run inside of small house. "Come in." She said. "Are you sure?" I asked. She nod and took my hand. My hand was i electric socks. "This is Violet." She said carrying small child. She had big brown eyes and when she saw me she smiled widely even that she didnt have teeths. I played with her and Lillian was right you could not love this kid. "Lillian?" I heard familiar voice. My ead turned quickly to direction where the voice came. I must be seeing things. "Nolan?" She said taking steps towards me. "Thea?" I gasped. "You two know each others." Lillian cutted in. "No." I said looking her with disgust. "You gotta be kidding me. "Omg. Don't tell me those are Melissa and Michael?" I said pointing two kids playing who were maybe three ot four. She nod. "Omg and is she...her.. The baby..." I said pointing smiling Violet next to me. She nod and gave me small smile. "I'm gonna be sick." I said standing up. "Nolan,please.. Listen me." She begged. "I dont want to see you ever again, you are dead to me Thea. I despice you." I spatted and stormed out. "Wait! Nolan." Lillian yelled as i walked away. I stopped. "What? Care to explain?" She asked. "No. Im not talling about it. Ask her." I said. "She wont say anything." She said. "So aren i." I said. "I need get out of here." I said and run away.


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