When the sun rises

Nolan Remington was cruel player with heart made of stone but that was before she met innocent,kind and beautiful Lilian Rose


6. Coming back for you

                                                   Nolan Remington



                                               6.Coming back for you




 few months later

she still wont talk to me. my friends are calling me all the time to go clubbing with them but i don't feel like partying. its not important. i made my way down the stairs. she was walking up the stairs. she noticed me and gave me blank look. "Lillian... seriously." i said. she raised her eyebrows. "please, give me a change. i won't fail it." i begged. "no.Nolan. i don't have time." she said trying to walk away. "move." she said. "please." i said. she just looked angrier. "NO! now move, and by the way i'm already seeing someone so i won't have time anyway." she said that hit me hard and i watched as she walked away. of course. how stupid i was. of course girls like Lillian wouldn't just be single for ever and have time to try with me. no. faster ones eats the slower ones. and i my friend just got eaten. my phone suddenly rang. the caller was my best friend Max. ugh. i cant ignore him forever. "hey Max." i said. "hey bro. whats the tone? someone died?"he asked. "nah." i said. "whats wrong with you bro? everyone misses you. the guys and chicks of course. we haven't seen you in ages!" he said. "i have been busy." i said. "with?" he asked. "things." i said. "things? don't lie to me Nolan. i know you like my own pockets." he said. "what could take your time? you are rich spoiled adult who lives with his family company's money and don't have to work like normal people. come to club tonight. and i don't accept no as an answer." he said. "i don't know." i groaned. "you are coming or i and guys are dragging you out of the house." he said. "Okay then." i groaned not feeling sure about it. "great see you in 11pm." he said. "whatever." i said. "bye." he said. i walked past her door. feeling sad and totally loser. maybe it was my time to move on. i stepped in the same old club where i have been since that day what isn't allowed to say."Nolan!" i heard the familiar shout of my best friend since high school. "Dude!" Daniel my other good friend greeted. "whats up!" they said. "nothing." i said. "don't look like that!" Max said. "lets drink!" Daniel said and there we go again. i wasn't drunk. not even near. but Max and Daniel were bit tipsy dancing with some random chicks like usually and i leaned against the bar watching people dancing and being in their own world. group of girls danced together further i noticed them cause Max dried to get one of them dance with him but failed. and then i saw her. my mouth went dry. i didn't feel alcohol in my veins anymore. the room turned hotter like it always did when she stole my attention. she swayed perfectly moving her body and totally in her own world dancing like sexy animal. she run her hands from her wild brown curly hair to her hips and laugh with her friends. i would say she was beautiful but now she was so much more. she wasn't wearing baggy sweatshirts anymore and her hair wasn't in messy bum and she wasn't wearing those cute classes. she was wearing red tight dress what hugged her curvy body perfectly she didn't wear much make up. she didn't need to. i think her friends noticed my staring. i couldn't really look away. the song ended and she turned around and i quickly turned my head away to my shoes. i saw them coming towards me. she had two girls with her. they didn't look familiar. luckily. they were pretty too but there was no way i could think them like that way. no one in this room. i only wanted her. "could you stop staring me?" she asked looking me. "i wasn't staring." i said. her friends snorted i just gave them a look. "oh really." she said taking step closer and making my heart race. "nope." i said sounding really unsure. she bite her lip and took deep breath. seeing her bite her lip didn't help. new song started. "i'm too tired to dance." her other friend said. "what about Jess." she asked for the other she shook her head. "why wont you dance with him." her friend said. before Lillian could say anything i said "yeah. come dance with me." i said winking to her. i tried to use my skills to get girl but the truth was that it didn't work. it didn't work on her. "i don't know." she said. "c'moon, go." Jess said. i gave her a smile. "Okayyy." Lillian said. i tried my best to not do happy dance. i took her hand and we walked in to dance floor i tried to ignore the sparkling feeling on my chest when her soft hand was holding mine. she gave me weak smile and started to dance. she turned around i tried so badly not to look her ass, i tried not to be like hormonal pig with her 'cause i knew that she didn't like that so much. but it kinda dropped in my mind when i felt her bum against mine crotch my hands found her hips as i held her there moving my self with the music. the other world was quiet and the only thing i felt or saw was her. i moved her hair to her left shoulder and breathed against her neck. she moved her hips faster and i tried to hold my feelings and actions and not crap tighter her and kiss her neck. "Lillian.stop." i whispered. "what?" she asked turning bit around. "didn't you have somebody?" i asked. what was wrong with me? why couldn't i enjoy the time i had with her. she came closer and smiled. i got it. "you said it to make me back off?" i asked. she nod shyly. "so you don't have anyone else?" i asked. she nod. and i couldn't fight back smile. it was like tons of weight dropped of my shoulders. "it wasn't nice of you to lie to me like that." i said. "what else could i do." she said. i didn't know how to answer. "i really like you." i said. "yeah right." she said. " i do." i said. i wasn't lying. "take me home." she whispered into my ear and kissed my neck softly. that drove me crazy. "okay." i said and with that we left the club. she sat on front seat. she leaned her head on my shoulder as i drove. the stairs felt the longest like they were never ending. i stood dumbly when she took keys from her purse. "come." she said and took me by the arm. i gave her a look. she closed the door and i could see the need in her eyes. she came closer. i just stood there like i was powerless waiting her to kiss me. i was weak.she had the all control. "i know, you don't care about me, you don't care about anyone." she whispered. i opened my mouth to speak but her finger mute it. "shhh. but it doesn't matter.you can have it. take it. use me. or whatever you call it. i really don't care anymore. i'm tired of fighting back. i don't want to fight anymore.i have tried to get away from you but i can't." she said kissing my earlobe. i moved her against the wall. i could hear her gasp. "i couldn't never use you.even if i you want me to. i can't. i hate the way i'm feeling, i hate the way i'm lying. i don't hate the feeling. it's just new to me. i don't feel. i made promise to myself that i wouldn't ever trust girls anymore, i wouldn't fall. but i fell." i said honestly. i don't even know where those words came from. and with that my lips found hers and there was no way back. and i didn't want to go back. for first time of my life. i actually made Love.


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