When the sun rises

Nolan Remington was cruel player with heart made of stone but that was before she met innocent,kind and beautiful Lilian Rose


2. changes


                                        Nolan Remington





"What the hell are you doing here!" She screamed. I walked up the stairs of my flat making my way to my apartment. "Go away!" She screamed again. I jumped bit for sound of her voice. The door of her apartment was open. "Shhhh,shut up." I heard unfamiliar voice say to her. "Get off me you brick." She yelled again. The sound of someone slapping someone ecoed from her flat i stood there not knowing what to do going in and do something or just mind my own problem. I heard small scream. And i relized that she didn't slap the person in her house.someone slapped her. My legs move faster than my brains. I stormed into her apartment and saw guy with blonde hair he was maybe few years younger than me or something. "Listen you bitch." He said hes back was turned on me and hes hand was holding Lilian's arm and i could see the red spot on Lilian's cheek. Her make up was on her cheek and big tears were streaming down her cheeks. "Let me go Nathan." She said her voice quiet and weak. "No." That guy said."whats going on here?" I said and i saw that Nathan guy jumping from the sound of my voice. "Who are you?" He asked angrily. "He is just a neighbor." Lillian said with fear in her voice. "Then what are you doing here?" The Nathan guy asked."who are you?" I asked. "Her boyfriend." He said. "No you are not!" Lilian said and Nathan turned to her and he raised his hand to slap her. "Slap her again and i will fucking broke your arm." I said between my teeth. "Let go of her." I said. He looked me and smirked he let go of Lilian who felled to the floor. "You are messing with wrong guy." He said walking towards me. "No, you are." I said. I was almost sure that this cunt wouldn't beat me. He punched me but thanks to my quick refleks it didn't hit me. I crapped his arm and he spited on my face. What a dick i though and raised my right hand and gave him good hit to the face. And he felled on the floor. I took him by the shirt and punched him again. "Now get out. If i see you here again or near her you will wake up in hospital." I said. He quickly left.Lilian sat on the floor hugging her legs and tears streaming down her cheek.gosh i hate seeing people cry. "Are you okay?" I asked softly looking her. She nod and stood up she whipped her tears away. "Thanks." She said quietly. "No problem." I said. "If you need me i live right next to you." I said backing away. "Wait." She said quietly. "Dont leave me alone...please." She said she looked tired and weak.i took deep breath "Okay.i will stay." I said this was new to me. "Do you want something to eat?" I asked. "I don't have food.. I mean i would have to cook." She said. "Oh,well you can come over my place i have some pizza left. If thats okay." I said. "Sure." She smiled weakly. She followed me to my apartment "nice house." She said walking to my livingroom looking around. "Thanks." I said with little smile. "Please make your self like home.." I said she nod and sat on my sofa. I warmed some pizza from yesterday and took two cokes and bring them i living room. "Wanna watch tv?" I asked as i sat next to her. "Okay." She said giving me a smile. I opened tv and have her plate where were pizza slies. We ate and watched tv not saying anything but the silent wasn't awkward between us it was normal and comfortable.we looked some random tv show it was 19:50 pm she sat next to me but there was still pace between us. "Are you cold." I asked as i looked her she gave me weak smile. "Little." She said shyly. She was cute and the weird thing was that she didn't try to be. Care fully i closed the space between us resting my arm on her shoulder i was bit nervous waiting how would she reach but she just reast her head on my shoulder snuggling closer. I didn't even notice how the rooms temperature raised in 100% when my arm rested around her.

As i slowly opened my eyes i felt something lying half on top of me. I felt comfortable what ever it was. I saw girl with brown hair lying arms wrapped around me and my hands around me. I didn't feel hang over like i always did when i woke up next to someone. I was totally sober. I dont even remember hooking up with anyone. And i had my clothes on so did she? Lilian?what was happening to me why did i woke up next to someone but we didn't had sex? We were cuddling like some lovers. But somehow i liked this even that my mind and thoughts were against it.


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