I will love you till the end of time

This is about a girl. Her name is Mae and she has a normal life... until she meets Harry.


5. You're my partner

I woke up and immediately stared to think about last night. I did my thing and went downstairs. I remembered that the teacher said that we had a camping trip to somewhere far for the whole weekend. Today she wanted to talk about it and tell us everything about it so we didn't actually study today.

As usually we ate our breakfast and I wanted to know more about the times were friends with Mr Desmond.

- Mom and dad I really want to know about the times we were friends with Mr Desmond. I said

- What!? Why would you want to know anything about that man!? My dad said angrily

- It's just research for school. I said

- Well we were friends with him and when he became famous he forgot about us. My dad said pissed off

- No it wasn't like that honey. He was a great person and he somehow always disappeared for a while and went to England and after few weeks came back to us and it was all just so overwhelming. He was always ready to do the right thing. My mom said

- What about his family? I asked

- Well we knew them but not as much as we knew Desmond. He was extremely private with his family. Even with us he didn't talk much about his kids. His wife was so beautiful and everyone wanted to be her as much as with Desmond. They were like the perfect couple. I bet they still are. Mom said it like she missed them

- Well thanks mom and dad. I have to go now. Bye.

As I was putting on my shoes I remembered that I walked home yesterday because Harry still had the freaking lock! I sighed as I walked outside.

I started to walk as I tired to put the pieces together in my head. I walked almost half a kilometer and stopped. I was looking at my bike and it was all broken. I screamed and ran over to it. I started to cry and didn't stop. That bike meant a lot to me! I can't believe someone broke it. I'm going to kill Harry.

As I was sitting in the cold ground I saw the stupid car stop next to me. I didn't even  look at him I was so angry.

He stepped out of his car and walked towards me.

- Hey what happened to your bike? He said worriedly

- Like you wouldn't know. I said angrily.

- What's that supposed to mean?

- You broke my bike!

- No I didn't!

- Yeah right. Give me a ride to school everyday until I get a new bike. I demanded

- Sure princess what ever you like.

I sat on his car as he drove to the school. I didn't even look at him.

- I'm sorry about your bike and I'm sorry that flipped out on you. You didn't deserve it and I just felt guilty for yelling at you and being a rude person. I have never screamed at a girl like that but you just are different. You bring out the worst and the best in me which is rare. You just make me nervous all the time and it frustrates me.

- Why? I mean like you said we are nothing together. You already have a girlfriend and you won't even let me talk to you in public.

- I mean were friends but...

- But what Harry. You can't just expect that when you scream at me and then apologize it'll be okay. And I know we are only friends but I don't except lying or secrets so please let me know what we are.

- We're only friends. I can't let you be more than that to me. It just won't happen so don't ever bring that up again.

-Okay I won't but you have to answer this question. Why didn't you tell me your father was a mayor?

- Because if you knew you would've treated me differently.

- What do you mean differently. He's my idol and always has been. I know him personally.

- What? No you don't because he hasn't ever been to  America.

Harry didn't know that his father has been to America. That's a bit weird because my parents have told me that he practically lived with us for a while.

- Harry where did you live when you were a kid?

- In Britain with my family. Why?

- Just asking. I guess I was wrong. I clearly haven't met your dad.

- Yeah. It's okay maybe one day you'll meet him.

We got to school and went to the auditory where the whole school gathered. The headmaster started to talk about the trip.

- So tomorrow the trip starts and I want everyone there so pack cool stuff. We're going have so much fun! She said

- I'm warning you though. If I see you guys go to clubs or bars near the camping area I will send you back to school and the ride there is a long way and you do not want to alone home so I made new arrangements. I will choose a partner for you and it's going to be freshman and junior as a pair. So you juniors stand up and go find a partner for yourselves and let me remind you it has to be a freshman!

Everyone was so confused and I just stood there and watch everyone take partner. I felt a nice touch on my back and looked up at his face and it was Harry. He smiled at me and took my hand and we made a pair.

- Okay everyone now take a seat next to your partner and behave please. Tomorrow at 08.00 am be at school because we'll leave in a hurry.

She continued to talk about the things we were going to do. I noticed that Harry hadn't let go of my hand. I looked down and back at him with a smile. He looked at me with a smile and then realized that he was holding my hand. He let go of my hand quickly and blushed. I tried to take his hand but he didn't let me. He started to act weird like he was regretting even take me as a partner.

The speech was done and we drove to my place and the whole ride home was awkward.

- I'll pick you up at 07.30 am so be ready okay?

- Sure. What should I bring there anyway?

- Some nice clothes because we're going to party there.

- But the teacher said that she could throw us in the bus and send us home.

- Well you're lucky that I'm your partner aren't you?

- What do you mean?

- My dad owns this school so the teachers can't throw me anywhere.

- Oh lucky me...

We arrived to my place and he parked his car. My parents came out of our house and froze when they saw Harry.

- Is that you Harry? My mom whispered

- Excuse me? How do you know me?

- I- I..

- Sorry she thought you as someone else. My dad said in a fake smile

- Oh no don't apologize. You must be Mae's parents.

- Yes we are and you are?

- I'm Harry Styles sir. I'ts nice to meet you.

- Harry Styles as Desmond Styles' son?

- Yes, but really I'm not cocky or anything I'm just a regular boy.

- Yeah right, well Harry Styles it was nice to meet you but I think it's time for you to go now it's getting pretty late.

- Yes I'm sorry where's my manners. I'll see you tomorrow Mae.

- Okay Harry bye.

When I saw my parents face after Harry left I knew I was in trouble. We went inside and theey screamed at me.

- Why do you know HARRY STYLES!?

- He's my partner in a school trip.

- Why is he in your school!?

- His dad owns the school. Come on Harry isn't the bad guy here! He doesn't even know that his dad has ever visited America!

- What?

- Yeah he's clueless. He doesn't know anything about us knowing his dad so leave it alone.

I ran downstairs and went straight to bed without even talking to my parents after that. Why are they so protective over his dad I mean why doesn't Harry know anything about his fathers trip to America.

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