I will love you till the end of time

This is about a girl. Her name is Mae and she has a normal life... until she meets Harry.


11. The trip to home pt. 1

It's 12:00 am and I feel awful and angry. I can't believe someone told the coach, if it was Harry I will personally kill him myself.

-Mae, you mumbling by yourself and believe darling it's not that attractive. Nina said

-Aww your such a sweetheart aren't you?

-Mae shut up.

-C'moon I'm just joking why are you so serious? I mean I know your upset but it's not my fault it that stupid coach's fault.

-Hello again ladies. Coach said angrily

- Oh shit coach I'm so sorry I really am but it's not your fault that you have behaving problems is it? Harry said coming from behind

- Excuse me? Coach said very angrily

- Yeah coach you're excused. Jason said coming behind Harry

- Okay you little shits! You listen to me! When you get back to school you're going to clean it.

- Excuse me? Nina said

- Yeah?

- Clean what Sir?

- Clean the fucking school. Are you dumb or something? You guys are getting a punishment for going to the shower as a group and you know it's strictly against the rules. Enjoy your way home. Oh and you guys are getting a taxi by yourselves and don't worry we'll pay it but there is going to become a little problem and you guys will find it out when you get to the motel.

- What motel? I thought we would go straight to school Sir? Nina said

- You know what the taxi driver will tell you everything. Go on. I'll call you later. Bye! Coach said

The coach didn't give us anything. We only got a little money and a card to get to a motel where we could sleep during the night. I'm really nervous to be in a taxi with Harry, I'm not sure why but I feel these stupid butterflies in my tummy and it's killing me!


- OH MY GOD! I'm totally not going in that cab with you guys, I'm not kidding! Nina said

- What makes you think we want to be with you guys? Jason said

- Why don't we all calm down and just go already?! Harry said

- Harry you should just calm down a bit. I really can't stand you or anything related to you right now okay? I said

- Can you guys do this later just come on and sit before I leave you!? The cab driver said


I sat next to the window behind the driver and before I knew it Nina and Jason and Harry came along. We didn't want any of us to sit in the front seat, because the cab driver seemed really creepy.


- I wonder how I'm going to manage to sit with you guys here when you're cuddling and just annoying me?! Harry said

- Save it Harry your not changing you seat. You chose to sit there and I'm sorry if you aren't comfortable sitting there in the cold but I'm sitting on Jason's lap okay? And believe me, this is not by my choice. Nina said

- I'm going to sleep you guys, try to keep it a little bit down okay? I said

- Sure Mae whatever you want. Nina said

Couple of hours went and I started to wake up with a blanket over myself. We didn't take a blanket with us so that felt strange. I opened my eyes and said Harry sleeping and Nina and Jason all over me sleeping as well. I couldn't take anymore of their weight and just stood up and changed my place over to Harry's. He felt so cold so I gave the blanket to him and hugged him to get him warm.

- Hey can you turn it up a little bit please? I love this song it's so good. I asked  (the song --->)(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qi1N_pRbguY?)

- Sure. The cab driver said.

- Everything you loved before you don't love no more, everything I did for you, you don't want no more...... I sang along. I always loved this song. It just always hit me and I felt it.

- Maybe I'm not quite the man you've been looking for, would you agree? So how can you not see it? Someone sang along

I looked at Harry and he stared at me. I'm blushing and I feel like I'm so sweaty. LORD HELP ME!

- Haha you the song as well or did I just woke you up?

- No I know the song and I was awake the whole time.

He looked at my arms around him.

- Oh sorry.I thought you were cold.

- I am but I don't need your tiny arms to warm me because I sort of make you warm don't I ?

- Yeah well.. Okay I... Not knowing what to say to him and blushing

- I'm just kidding come here. He said hugging me

- This so is great don't you think? I said

- Yeah it's lovely. Harry responded me

- Baby I won't let you go. You met me, you fell deeply in love with me so what is the problem now? Harry sang

- You seriously have a great voice. I said

- Hahaha c'moon your can't be serious.

- I am! This song is awesome and your voice just completes it totally.

- I kind of don't want to go back to school. I said

- Why? Is something wrong?

- No. I mean.. It's just.. You become so different  when everyone is around and you have this unknown hot girlfriend and you aren't going be my friend anymore when she comes back to school.

Harry put his arms together letting me go.

- We are friends now and even when she comes back you know. It's not like we're together and secretly in love with each other.. Right?

- No man. I mean we're just friends..

- Yeah. Well I think I'm going to break up with my girlfriend. There's something I.... I really... like need to... to... to tell you. It's something that keeps me away from people and it won't let me do my thing. It's something that if you know about it, it might change your life.

- What is it Harry?

- It's just.. I feel this weird connection between us two and it just keeps building up and I don't know how much longer I can hold on. I mean my brother won't let me tell anyone this let alone my parents. Only my girlfriend knows this besides my family.

- Harry what? Tell me! What is it?

- I.. I just I don't know how to tell it but.. Okay I just wanted you to know that I..............





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