I will love you till the end of time

This is about a girl. Her name is Mae and she has a normal life... until she meets Harry.


9. The trip pt. 4

- Mae? Hurry up we have to go and take shower and go outside with the others. Nina said waking me up

- What time is it? I asked  

- All the girls took a shower already that means 9:00 am. Hurry take your towel and shampoo we have to hurry.  

- Fine just wait a minute.  

I took my stuff and we went downstairs where was a room full on showers it was like a group shower. I always hated them because you never know what creeps are there looking at girls naked.  

- Do we seriously need to shower? I asked  

- Of course we do come on.  

- I just don't want any surprises waiting there for me...  

We took off our clothes and showered. We were putting on our clothes and heard someone knocking on the door. We didn't say anything but as we looked at each other Nina remembered that the door wasn't locked.  

- Mae go lock the door hurry!  

- Why me?  

- Just hurry up!  

- Okay okay relax it's not like a boy could come in.  

As I hurried to the door a boy opened it. I just froze there looking at Jason. He had a little perv smile on his face. It didn't take long until Harry came in with just a towel on.

- Jason what's the matter you look like you've seen a naked girl hahaha. Harry laughed as he walked in and froze the same way as Jason but he didn't smile  

- What the hell are you guys doing here?!  

- Chill out Mae it's just meant to be. Jason smirked  

- Guys I think someone is coming. Nina said scared  

- Shit it's the other guys.. Go hide in the sauna! Jason said  

Harry just followed us with Jason. They had to hide because if the teacher caught them with us we could all be sent home. We sat there and hoped nobody would come here.  

- Why is it so hot in here? I asked  

- It's a sauna. Harry infoed me  

- You don't say.. I said  

- What is your problem?  

- Nothing Harry. What's your problem?  

- Seriously I want to punch you guys in the face shut up. Nina said  

- She means don't talk at all if you don't want to be screwed. Jason clarified

- Yeah thanks Jason we wouldn't be able to understand her without you. Harry said sarcastically

- Coach look what we found! a boy said

We all looked at each others and thought we were screwed.

- Oh yes there's a sauna everyone now get naked and go inside. The coach said

Harry took my hand and looked at me. He knew I felt uncomfortable and I started to panic.

- Just look at me okay it'll be over soon. Harry said  whispering

- Okay but please don't let me do anything crazy. I said in a doubt

- I'll be right beside you. He said looking at my eyes

- Oh damn boy that's not a good thing for girls if you know what I mean. A boy said making sex jokes.

- You just don't know every girl loves it. Dude they want me you have no idea!

I couldn't keep listening to that. I mean come on. Who is that crazy to listen boys make jokes. It was terrible.

I took  half an hour for them to leave. As soon as they left Harry took my hand off of his hand quickly. I felt sad. I thought that he would be more nice to me. They left even without goodbyes.

Nina looked at me and I looked at her.

- Well that was awkward. Nina said

- Yeah no shit. I said

- Let's just get out of here. Nina said in a hurry

- Yes please.

We left there and we were all alone and didn't want to take a shower after that traumatizing moment. We just stayed in our room for the whole day and had an amazing girl talk and awesome time.

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