I will love you till the end of time

This is about a girl. Her name is Mae and she has a normal life... until she meets Harry.


8. The trip pt. 3

Thank God. We finally arrived to our hotel which isn't as beautiful as it sounds. It's night so we all booked a room.


- Okay students now listen very carefully. I know you have your partners but because the other time we were here with a girl and a boy in the same room... Well let's just put it like this.. No boys and girls in the same room. That's the rule.

- Well with whom are we going to stay if not with our partners? Someone asked

- I will look it up right now just wait a minute. Yes so remember when you guys signed a few papers and we asked who are you friends with? Yes you're going to be with them.

I looked down in regret because of course it't going to be Nina. I can't believe my luck seriously.

- Hey. Nina said sitting next to me

- Hi. I said back

- I know we had our moment in the restaurant but I just don't want to fight you. I mean at least we're roommates now so please try to behave with me and I'll do the same. Nina said

- Yeah whatever.

- Girls please just try to be humans here okay? Harry said coldly

- Harry seriously stop it hahaha. Nina said playfully

- Are you kidding me. How low are you?

- You know what you're just jealous that he wants me not you. You are just that kind of girl who isn't meant to be with somebody like Harry Styles okay. So let me put it bluntly. Just stay away from Harry because you just aren't his type. Okay? Nina said


I just walked away tears in my eyes. I was hurt and she knew that was the soft point in me. I can't accept the fact that I'm not beautiful. Yes I want to look like one of Victoria's Secret model's. Who doesn't? I just get that kind of impression that Harry is seducing me in way that makes me feel like I'm actually beautiful. I just can't stand that he's with this popular girl that I don't know.

I walked to my room and saw Harry arguing with a guy. I hid myself and started to listen.

- No you listen to me! Harry screamed

- You know Harry I don't take orders very well. Said a boy from the group that bullied me one day at school

- Yeah? Well I paid you to shut up and you seriously should listen to me. Please I'm begging you

- Yeah well this time the past won't be the past for long you know. The boy said threatening Harry

- Terry I'm not kidding with you I swear! If dad knew you're doing this he would kill you.

- Brother come on. You know If I mess this up again you'll come down with me.

- You can't be serious!?

- Well Harry you can't always be the best child in this family. Not after this. You seriously have to make some wild memories for everyone to remember.

- No you shut your mouth do you understand me?

- No! Seriously you should get laid and have fun with girls and everything. Even the one the your into.

- Who? I'm not anyone?

- What was her name? Oh yes "Mae" right?

- I'm not...

- Oh shut it. We both know. Your only fooling yourself.

- Just leave okay I don't want to see your face here and I can't risk anyone hearing our conversation.

I walked bravely towards Harry and he walked towards his room next to mine.

- Harry wait.

- I don't want to talk to you and you clearly didn't want to talk to me remember?

- I just..

- No just please leave me alone for the rest of this trip okay? I'm busy and I don't want to get distracted by anyone.

- You're too busy to make memories with girls?

- What? How did you...?

- Save it. I'm too busy to listen to your bullshit.

I walked up to my room and so did Harry. I'm seriously so full of this stupid drama. I wish this stupid trip is over I can't take this anymore.

- Nina? I asked

- Yeah? What is it?

- I'm so sorry for everything. I apologized her with a hug

- It's okay honey. I hope one day you'll realize I'm doing this for you.

- What?

- Nothing.. Forget about it. I'm just so glad we made up.

We talked about an hour and went to bed. This trip may not be as bad as it seemed in the beginning. I'm actually looking forward to the next day. I couldn't help but wonder.

Harry has a brother and his name is Jerry. They were keeping this secret to themselves. The deal he was talking about in the beginning of school was that. They were just keeping a brotherly secret that included ladies and my best friend has been acting extremely weird.

This is absolutely not okay with me. I have to know but Harry has warned me not to talk to him and I know when I push him too hard he flips out and we both get hurt. I have no idea what to do.


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