I will love you till the end of time

This is about a girl. Her name is Mae and she has a normal life... until she meets Harry.


6. The trip pt. 1

Today I woke up in a hurry and I wasn't happy with myself. I haven't had that kind of a fight with my parents in a very long time and the worst part is that I've never fought with them over a boy. But when I think about it Harry isn't just a boy he's my friend and we care about each other. At least I did.

I packed a few clothes that were hot looking because I wanted to make an effort. Yes. An effort for Harry. What am I thinking. I shouldn't even be thinking about this but unfortunately I'm stupid. I just do things I shouldn't be doing. Anyway, I packed awesome clothes and you know what you can't blame a girl from trying to look hot in front of a hot guy. Duhh.

I just want him to notice that I'm hot if he looked at me that way even though there are more beautiful girls in our school. I just feel this weird connection with him. I don't even know how to explain it but I know how to feel it.

I took some other stuff too just in case and walked downstairs looking at my parents. They didn't wait for me so we could eat together. It was a first time. I didn't know what to do so I just took a bread and said goodbye to them and left. I felt horrible. I hope they could forgive me some day.

I looked outside and saw Harry smiling at me leaning against his car.

- Well hello there beautiful! He said smiling

- Hey Harry how are you? I said with a fake smile

- I'm great thank you how about you?

- I'm okay thanks. I said hugging him

He felt so warm and I just felt like home when I hugged him. Our hug lasted almost a minute. It was a perfect hug. Just us two in silent hugging.

- Shall we go? He said coughing to break our hug

- Yeah sure. I said awkwardly

We drove to our school and I saw my friend Nina outside with a partner. We got off of our car and walked up to them.

- Nina! I screamed

She ignored me and stared at Harry smiling.

- Hellou Nina!? I said in confusion

- Oh hey. She said like she didn't want me to be there.

- Harry I'm going get our stuff and a good seat for us okay? I said with a sad tone trying to sound polite

- Yeah okay I'll be there in a minute.

Nina didn't even look at me she was too busy smiling and kissing Harry's ass. I am so pissed at her. How could she do this to me. What the hell is going on with her? She's definitely not acting like herself.

I walked into the buss and took us a seat on the end of the bus. Harry walked with Nina and her partner towards me. I rolled my eyes and looked at Harry with a look. He understood immediately what I meant with my look.

- Okay guys I'll see you later! He said so they could sit somewhere else

- What do you think you're doing?

- What?

- Nothing I don't feel like I just want to talk right now.

The bus started to move and Harry and I didn't talk much. We just sat there watching the clouds. I didn't realize I was so tired so I just started to move my head form angle to angle. Harry was already half a sleep so I didn't want to  wake him up but I felt really uncomfortable. I took a light blanket and put it on top of Harry so he wouldn't get cold. I was freezing and didn't know how to sleep. I was going nuts. Everyone fell asleep so I didn't know what to do. Harry took my hand and pulled it towards him. Before I knew it I was in his arms all warmed up and cozy. I smiled and giggled a little.

- Can you please sleep now? He said with a laugh

- Yeah I can I'm just too cozy at the moment so let me enjoy myself. I said playfully

He just laughed and then suddenly kissed my cheek sweetly and hold me tighter. We were asleep about an hour and I woke up to someone whispering my name. It was Nina.

- What do you want? I whispered back

- Come to the bathroom. She said mysteriously

- Fine just hold on for a minute. I said trying to get out of Harry's arms

- Where are you going? Harry asked quietly

- Bathroom. I'll be right back. I said whispering because everyone on the bus was asleep

- Okay.

I stood up and walked to the bathroom on the back of the bus. I stared at Nina and she stared back.

- What was so important that you couldn't wait until I was properly awake? I said rudely

- I'm sorry but I just can't let you do this.

- Do what? Sleep?

- No silly. I mean Harry.

- What about him? Please just let it go I don't want to fight with you because of him.

- I like him Mae! She screamed with a whisper

- You what?

- I like him don't you get it?

- I thought I wasn't supposed to be with Harry because of his "girlfriend"! I said defending

- You don't want to mess with her believe me.

- I'm seriously starting to feel like she doesn't exist.

- She does but your lucky that she's on vacation.

- Vacation? School has already started stupid. I said rudely

- She's rich. She can do whatever she wants to and a big plus she knows the British Mayor who for your record owns our school. She has a lot of power over our school's girls because they all admire her.

- I don't care seriously just leave it alone. What happens will happen.

- So you don't care about how I feel? She said

- Of course I do but I'm just starting to feel like you don't. I said leaving her

I walked up to Harry and he was with Nina's partner. They were chatting about games and other boy things.

- Hey, you guys going to talk all the way to our destination? I said playfully

- No but we are going to talk a little while longer. Why aren't you with your friend? Harry asked

- Well my friend and I did our thing now I just want to relax if that isn't a lot to ask.

Harry pulled my hip towards him so I could sit on his lap. I blushed and he laughed a little.

- Are you relaxed now? He said smiling

- Yeah I'm okay I guess. I said shyly

Of course I was fine! Who isn't fine sitting on his lap! I could just fall asleep if I wanted to.

- Good. Harry said smiling

They continued their talk and I joined them. Nina passed by looking at Harry.

- Nina why don't you come here? James said (Nina's partner)

- Oh no I'm fine I don't want to interrupt your conversation. She said looking at me coldly

- Your not come and sit please. Harry said

- Oh okay fine. She said smiling

-Are you okay? Harry asked me whispering

- Yeah I'm great why? I said whispering back

- Because when I talked to Nina you went all moody and everything. He whispered

- I don't want to talk about it okay? I got a little tense and I could feel Nina enjoying it.

We sat there sitting on the boys and I didn't participate to their conversation much. They talked about half an hour and left to their seats.

I sit on my own seat and watched outside. I didn't want to do anything. Our trip to this weird place was almost a day far so it was awkward that I didn't talk to Harry much.

- So you really don't want to talk about it?

- No Harry it'll be extremely awkward for us if I told you believe me.

- Well you don't need to talk if you don't want to you know. We can just be.

- Yeah I'd like that. Thank you.

 Harry pulled me close to him and put his hand around me. I felt safe and secure. We just sat there in silence and a few times he cracked a joke. Some of the students looked at us when we laughed because they didn't think that it was funny but to me it was hilarious.

I think Harry is hilarious, amazing and sweet. He is a very good friend to me and I can't dream of anything better.

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