I will love you till the end of time

This is about a girl. Her name is Mae and she has a normal life... until she meets Harry.


2. The first day

I woke up to this horrible alarm clock. I opened my eyes and remembered that summer was over and school is starting. I'm a freshman this year. I'm really nervous and excited at the time because it was a new school and there was new people who didn't know me.

Mae are you up!? my mom screamed in panic

- Yeah I'm getting ready! I said

I'am a big fan of taking pictures. I usually take pictures of the sky because it never looks the same. It changes everyday. The clouds have made a new position and they're either white or grey or something in between.

I take my phone out and take pictures. My mom comes in and looks at me frustrated.

- Are you seriously taking pictures while we're all waiting for YOU to come downstairs and eat with us!? Now hurry up! my mom says angrily

I brush my teeth and my hair and put on my school uniform. It looks ridiculous in my opinion. It's a skirt and a shirt with a jacket and a tie. You have to wear it or you can't come to school.

I ran downstairs and my mom and dad and my brother were waiting for me. They looked at me like they wanted to kill me because I made them wait. We're all so serious when it comes to food. My family LOVES eating though it doesn't look like it physically. 

We ate our breakfast and got ready to go to school... Yay..



It was so weird riding my bike. I haven't ridden it since primary school. Our family isn't rich like the others. Everyone has their own cars and motorcycles and what ever they have has to expensive or it isn't good. I hate the fact that they just don't appreciate anything they have. They always want more and more. As long as I've got my family that's all that matters.

I rode to the parking lot and parked my bike. I got off my bike and locked it and I felt someone touching me. I panicked and looked up and thank God it was my best friend Nina. She has always been my friend. Our family has been so close since forever. I can't imagine living without her. I love her like a sister.

- Hey you! Are you excited? I'm such a mess there's like so many hot guys! she said excitedly

- Oh hey! No, not really.. Oh God!! Are you still searching for a boyfriend? I mean there's no point, every guy is the same. They all just play you like a toy and when they get bored they just replace you. I can't believe you still haven't learnt that...

I always hated relationships. I never understood why would anyone want to waste their time on someone who will break your heart?


We chatted a bit and the bell rang so we all went inside and waited for the teachers and the students to help us. I didn't know anyone there or know whose "famous" and whose not so I was just relaxed and didn't care what people said about others. I realized that everyone was staring at me like I didn't belong there. It hurt but I didn't show it to them.

The teachers came and guided us to our classes and exceptionally we were placed with the juniors. Everyone thought that they were cool except from me which really wasn't a shock the anyone in my class.

I had to go to the bathroom because I drank a little too much water so I asked permission from the teacher and she allowed me. I walked out of the room and surprisingly I didn't know where the bathroom was and I got lost. I wandered around and saw a boy buying candy from the vending machine, so I walked up to him and asked if he could help me.

He looked at me from my feet to my head weirdly. And just stared at me like I was some kind of freak.

- Hey so can you help me or not !? I asked in frustration

- Excuse me? he said surprisingly

- I asked you if you could show me where the lady's room was but if you're not willing to help me then fine! I said

- Sorry, but I'm not used to being talked to that way. He said proudly

- In what way would that be? I asked

- Well usually a girl doesn't talk to me.. She just stares and dreams of being with me. He said

- Well okay then.. Cocky one aren't you ? I said rudely

- You're kind of nosy. Wait are you a freshman? He asked laughing

- Dude I'm seriously going to pee myself so please show me the way! I said in a hurry

He showed me the way and I got there. I did my thing and got out and the same boy was standing there like he was waiting for me.

- What are you still doing here? I asked confused

- Well I thought that you might get lost again if I didn't show you where your class was. He said laughing

- Oh that's really funny I bet it took you 5 minutes to even come up with that joke. I said directly

- Damn girl you just are on fire aren't you ? He said

- You have no idea. I said

He helped me find my class. He was right I would have got lost if he didn't help me.

- Hey thanks for helping me I guess it was your first time helping out a person. I said

- You won't give up won't you. He said smiling

- No I won't. I said

Out of nowhere he pulled out his bottle water and pointed it right towards me. I was confused because he didn't have before. He smiled at me in a very strange way and opened up his bottle.

- Wait what are you doing. I said

He pulled me close and my heart almost stopped. I felt something I hadn't felt before. I felt something cold running down on me form my head as I watched him laughing hard. I realized he just watered me. I freaked out and took the bottle from him and watered him back.

We both laughed so hard and suddenly we saw my teacher standing in front of us.

- What on earth do you think you're doing!? my teacher said madly

Everyone ran outside from the class and looked at us shocked.

- OMG! That's Mae with Harry oh God she's so screwed. Everyone said in a whisper

Harry and I looked at each other and I got pulled back into the classroom. He just watched me and suddenly he walked away with no smile on his face.

As the started to end I ran outside and searched for him everywhere I could possibly search. He left school I guess. As I started to walk outside I noticed people staring at me. Nina came over to me.

- Are you crazy!? Do you know what you just have done!? You're in BIG trouble you know! she said worriedly

- Why is everyone staring at me I don't understand!? I said screaming

- Go home before SHE is here! This is not going to end well I know it!

I got on my bike and rode home and wondered who is SHE?? Because everyone seemed scared of her.








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