I will love you till the end of time

This is about a girl. Her name is Mae and she has a normal life... until she meets Harry.


3. Rescue me

I woke up to my alarm and flexed myself then I remembered yesterday. I couldn't believe that I talked to a boy! It was my first time that someone was even interested in talking to me even if I wasn't nice. I just hope today will be no drama.

I stood up and went to the bathroom and brushed my hair and my teeth and quickly wore my school uniform. My family waited for me as usual to eat breakfast. I just smiled when I thought maybe I would talk to the boy that was annoying. He was so different from other people.


- Helloouuu!? my mom said


- What? I asked in shock

- Who is he? my mom winked at me

- No one? I lied

- Yeah right, omg speaking of school you need to go before you'll be late! She said in a hurry

I watched the clock and I had only 10 minutes to get to school and I wasn't even that fast to get there in 10 minutes.




It took me 20 minutes to get to school. There was nobody outside the school so I just ran to my class but remembered I DIDN'T TAKE MY SCHOOLBAG! I started to scream and swear to myself. I went inside and didn't even know where my class was... Perfect.

I just walked around and hope that someone would be here so I could ask where my class is. I walked upstairs and saw a boy sitting in the computer room. I went there bravely so I could get help.

- Hey excuse me? I said

-Yeah? said a boy with a careless tone not even looking at me

- Well if you didn't know there is a word umm let me think about.. Oh the word is POLITE! I said rudely

- Hahaha please don't tell me it's you again. He laughed watching the computer screen

- W-what do you mean? I asked


He looked at me and laughed and I just froze there in shock.


- What's the matter? Come PLEASE take a seat. He said laughing

- Oh look who learned to talk nicely.

- Don't flatter yourself. So are lost again?

- Yeah and the best part is I forgot my bag at home.. I'm so screwed you don't even know.

- Oh come on it's not that bad to skip a class with me. He winked at me

- No it's just annoying that left it home. Now I can't even go to a class today.

- Well thank God I'm not going either. What do you say if we both hang out here today?

- I thought you had a girlfriend.

- Oh no please don't flatter yourself I'm not cheating on her not with you.

- Oh that's just so nice of you isn't it. I don't mean to sound weird but why not. Is it because of my looks?

- What!? Why would you even say that? There's nothing wrong with you! He said in a shock

-Then why did you say "not with you"? Then with whom would you cheat on her?

- I don't cheat let's make that clear okay. I just don't do things like that so I don't want YOU whose a "no-one" even assume that do you understand me? He said angrily

- You're an asshole you know that? How dare you talk to me like that, like who the hell do you think you are!? I yelled

- I'm fucking Harry Styles! He stood up screaming

- Well I'm fucking MAE so don't you even dare talk to me like that ever again do I make myself clear!? I screamed back


I saw a few guys standing behind me laughing. I watched the as if they were some kind of freaks.


- Wow Harry you just are charming one aren't you. A boy said from the group behind me

- Hahaha well you know me I can't stand "nobody's". He said ignoring them


The boys laughed and Harry laughed with them. I felt like I was just stabbed to death. It hurt so bad to see Harry laughing at my face when I thought that he would actually like me.

The group of boys started to push me and play with me like I'm some kind doll. I pushed them back proudly and I was hurt because they were so much stronger than me. I saw Harry just walk out not even looking at me or consider that I might get hurt because of the boys. There was no looking back. I waited for him to come and rescue me from them but he just vanished. I felt my skin becoming more and more fragile from the pushing.


I started to become weak so I screamed and ran away. I had never been bruised that bad. I ran somewhere and found the bathrooms. I sat on the table where were all the towels and papers. I just started to cry and couldn't stop.

I felt my heart beating faster and faster. I just screamed in pain and saw someone coming in to the bathroom walking towards me. It was Harry. I looked at him and stopped crying immediately.


- What are you doing here? I asked pissed off

- I just wanted to make sure you were alright. He said in worry

- Well you know what not that it's none of your business but I'm fucking amazing alright you can leave now like you did before! I yelled at him

He sat next to me and hugged me. My heart just stopped. I felt safe and it was amazing. The feeling he gave to me was amazing so I hugged him back.


- I'm really sorry for doing that to you I really am.. But I have made a deal with those assholes and I can't break it. He said sadly

- What kind of deal? I asked

-I can't tell you but I assure you they wont touch you again. I'll keep you safe. He said hugging me


I didn't know why he was so protective over me but it felt good. I felt like I mattered to someone. We didn't even know each other that but hugged and smiled at each other.

We kept continuing our conversation for about an hour then we decided that we should go out of the bathroom because it was just so awkward. We said our goodbyes and went home.

When I got home I just lied on my bed and smiled. I think he's a good boy but needs some kind of fixing in his behavior and his manners.


- Mae what are you doing home!? my mom asked worried

- Oh I just forgot my bag home so I can't attend any of my classes so I decided to come home. I explained

- Oh okay so then you can help me clean and make food. She said

- Yeah sure why not....


I spent the whole day with my family happily and time to time thought of Harry. He was amazing. Now that I know his whole name it just makes us closer I feel. Harry Styles. That's a cool name...

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