I will love you till the end of time

This is about a girl. Her name is Mae and she has a normal life... until she meets Harry.


19. Picnic pt. 3

We've been sitting for hours and I still can't figure out what's going on in Rosalie's mind. It's really bugging me and it's really hard not to be nosy but I'll try to behave.

- So are we going to talk about this? I said to Harry

- Talk about what? He said confused

- Oh please.. Like you don't already know.. I just want to know what happened after the accident. I said

- Look, I just don't want to talk about it.

- But...

- No buts.. It doesn't mean that you can start a conversation about those things in the past just because we're alone for a moment. Jerry and Rosalie will be back in a minute or so. Just don't talk to me until they have brought our food okay.

- No, it's not okay. I'm going to talk about it now. It's now or never.

- I choose never.

- Too bad, because I choose now.

- Leave it alone!

- No! Why don't you want to talk about it?

- Because!

- Because?

- I'm not in the mood. It's just bothering me that Nina and Jason are still trying to fight for their lives and you haven't even visited them. I mean what's wrong with you?

- That's not fair...

- Why not? Start talking.

- Because I'm just not ready to go to a hospital where my best friend is suffering okay, just stop talking about them and talk about you.

- I was just in a lot of pain then and I still am. I'm just mostly scared that I'll be hurt again.

- Harry... What to do you mean?

- Heeeeyyy guuyyysss we are back! Jerry and Rosalie screamed and worried that we had talked too much while they were gone

- Hey, what did you bring? I said  trying not to look at Jerry's eyes

- Well I bought all of you Big Mac's from McDonald's so it better be enough for you guys because it was so far away! Rosalie said

- It'll be enough, trust me. I said


We soon ate our food and hung out a while and the whole time Harry didn't look at me. It was bothering me so much. After the whole picnic disaster I went back home and tried to get some sleep.

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