I will love you till the end of time

This is about a girl. Her name is Mae and she has a normal life... until she meets Harry.


18. Picnic pt. 2

We were sitting here almost half an hour quiet and it was extremely awkward. I personally can't be quiet so it was pretty awkward for me and uncomfortable. Rosalie on the other hand was enjoying her view. She was flirting with Harry and trying to talk to Jerry but he was tired of her and wanted her to leave.

- Can't you guys just go somewhere else? Jerry said frustrated

- Why? What's wrong with our company? Rosalie said

- We just want to be alone and don't care for liars so please leave.

- I agree. I said

- No one talked to you HIV. Rosalie said

- You know what? Bring it on! I said getting mad

- It's kind of a turn on to be honest. I mean two girls fighting it's just hot. Harry said

- Shut up Harry! Jerry said

- You shut up! Rosalie said

- Shut up Rosalie don't get involved into things! I said

- Yeah Rose shut it. Jerry said

- Don't talk to her like that, do you understand? Harry said getting mad

- Just leave man. Don't fuck with me. Jerry said

- Jerry, it's okay. We can leave if they don't want to leave. I suggested

- Get up. Rosalie commanded

- Why? I said

- Now!

I stood up and walked away with her as she started talking.

- What do you want? I said

- Don't make them fight each other. She said

- What do you mean?

- Just don't. It's none of your business but in a few days their dad will be here, so they have to be ready.

- Ready for what?

- Like I said. None of your damn business. Just don't let them fight.

- Why are you even talking to me, like what's the catch? I said

- Nothing, just don't mess this up for them or you'll have to deal with me. Rosalie said

That moment I realized that Rosalie actually had a heart or she was just brilliantly trained to be such a good actress.

- You know what? Fine, but just don't piss me off or there's no deal and I will potentially try to sabotage this just because of you. Do you understand? I said

- Oh darling, you're not the one calling the shots here so shut the fuck up and lets go back.

- I don't even like you. I pointed out

- Well that's not obvious at all. Rosalie said sarcastically

I smiled in my mind, we're actually almost getting along. That's great!

- What's up? Jerry said to me as I sat next to him

- Nothing. I think we're okay, I mean Rosalie and I.

- Well that's great! Jerry said

- I know. Almost too great to be true. I said

It's not like I hate her or anything but come on! It just seems too nice of her to even talk to me so I'm going to get to the bottom of this immediately.

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