I will love you till the end of time

This is about a girl. Her name is Mae and she has a normal life... until she meets Harry.


4. Lucky

I felt weird this morning when I woke up. Almost a week ago I didn't even know Harry Styles and didn't really care about a guy. Actually to be honest I have never fallen in love. I'm not in love with Harry don't get me wrong but I just feel different when I'm with him. When I think about him, he makes me smile. When I talk to him feel this weird feeling inside me and to be honest it sometimes scares me. I'm starting to feel like some other than my family actually cares about. I'm looking forward to meet Harry today and hopefully this Thursday will not be drama.

As usual I put my uniform on and do my thing and eat my breakfast with my lovely family. I remembered to take my bag with me when I left the house so that's a great start.

I drove down the hill and took a while taking pictures of the sky. I was going on my bike and saw a really expensive car stop in front of me. I just stood there because I didn't know who it was. It pissed me off because I couldn't ride on my bike because this stupid car was blocking me on purpose.

I walked over to the expensive car and yelled at it.

- Hey jerk! What the hell do you think you're doing, why are blocking me!? I yelled

The car window slide down as a familiar face showed up. It was Harry Styles.

- Looks like our conversation always begins with you yelling at me. He laughed

- Oh look it's Harry Fucking Styles.

- Oh look it's Fucking Mae.

- Stop it! Can you please move I'm not going to argue with you again. I said

- Really? Come in to my car, I can give you lift. 

- I already have my awesome bike with me so I don't want ruin your expensive car. I said

- Come on! We can lock your precious little bike if you want to.

-No it's okay I'm fine riding it.

Harry got off of his car and put a lock on my bike against a tree. And opened the door like a gentleman.

- What are you doing? Are you seriously locking my bike and making me go to your car? I said

- Well technically I'm not "making" you go but if you want you can walk to school because I'm not giving the keys to you.. So what's it going to be? Harry said

I didn't want cause a scene so I just smiled and got on to his car. The car played nice songs that I haven't heard of before because I don't listen to music a lot. So I just decided to change the channel.

- Whoa whoa what are you doing? He said in a shock

- I'm just changing the channel? Did I do something wrong!?

- No but it's just weird that you just dare to touch a man's radio. That's a really dangerous move you know.

- Oh come on are you seriously getting mad over it?

- No I'm just kidding. He laughed and squeezed my cheek

I felt blushing. I felt myself getting super red and embarrassed. He looked at me and smiled.

- Are you blushing? he said laughing

- No just continue driving please. I said in hurry

- You're so cute when your like that you know. He said looking at me and stopping in a gas station.

He looked at me and smiled and started to touch my cheek again. I felt blushing again. He laughed at me and came closer. He was so close and I just hadn't been in this kind of situation before. I panicked and just changed the radio again. Ha looked down smiling and backing off. He scratched his neck and hair and looked down and smiled so beautifully.

- So do you need anything I'm going to go inside and buy some stuff. He said

- Oh no thank you. I said with a fake smile.

- Why not? What kind of candy do you want? Chips maybe?

- No thank you. Just buy your own stuff. I said smiling

- Come on just name something or come with me.

- I don't want anything seriously. I don't even have money with me.

- Oh okay then I'll be right back.

He was in the market about 10 minutes and came with two bags of food and everything. My eyes got bigger and I just froze.

- Hahaha why are you looking at me like that?

- What have you bought?

- Everything. He said laughing

- Are you serious? Wow! Don't your parent's say anything when you buy this much stuff?

- No why would they?

- Oh my God you're so lucky.

- Okay then enough talking and start eating!

 I couldn't believe he bought us this much candy and chips! I didn't even realize who I was sitting with until I saw a picture In his locker.

- OMG! I screamed

- What is it?

- Your father is a British MAYOR?

- What!? How did..

-Don't say a word please! WTF!?

I was in a big shock that he was mayor's son! The mayor that I'm practically in love with! I'm such a huge fan of his. I can't understand why he would keep that as a secret!? When I thought about it... Hes father own's our school. That's why he's always skipping classes and everything!

- Mae why do touch my stuff!? Don't you get it seriously!? DON'T TOUCH MY STUFF! I'm so sick of this! If you ever tell this to anyone I'm going make sure you will regret it! Do you understand me!? He said in a panic

- I can't believe you didn't tell me! What's wrong with you!?

- How many times do I have to tell you that you're not my girlfriend!? He screamed angrily

I just froze there. I can't believe that I thought of that- I actually treated him like he was my boyfriend. I didn't know what to answer so I sat quietly.

- You know what I'm tired of this. I can't keep arguing with a girl like this. Get out of my car.

- W-what? Are you serious?

- Yeah. He said looking at the window.

- FINE! I'll just leave you with your piece of crap! I yelled with no hesitation.

I grabbed my bag and left but before I knew it he was holding my hand. I looked at 

him full of hope that he would take everything back.

- Don't forget to take this. He said coldly

- What's that?

- Something. Just take it. He said starting the car

- Thank you. I said quietly

After I closed the door he drove off so fast that he left marks from his car's tires on to the ground. Before I knew it I was late again from school.

I ran to my class and apologized for being late and my teacher let me attend the class.

The day went by so slowly. I just didn't know what to do. I just thought of Harry and thought how lucky he was having a father like that. His father Desmond Styles. My family and I actually knew Mr. Desmond before he was famous and all but If he really was Harry father then why didn't I know Harry before?

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