I will love you till the end of time

This is about a girl. Her name is Mae and she has a normal life... until she meets Harry.


14. In Frank's arms

I don't remember if it was just a dream or was this seriously happening. I don't want this to happen to me, I mean c'moon I'm in really big trouble and I don't know how to get out of this stupid mess. I just need Harry to help me, he has always been there for me since the first day we met.

- Mae get up! Mom yelled

- No mom not now please! I yelled back

- Now!

- Mom! I'm so tired I just need a minute please!

I almost fell asleep right before someone came inside my room.

- Well, well, well... Look who we have here sleeping. A familiar voice said

My eyes opened wide. I froze and didn't move and I think I wasn't even breathing.

- Mae I know you're up. Just hurry we have to make plans.

I looked at a tall British boy and unfortunately it wasn't Harry.

- What do you want Jerry?  Why are you even at my house, it's definitely a shit hole compared to you so why on earth are you here?

- Just hurry please, I'm in the middle of something serious right now.

- Naah.. I think I'm just gonna sleep this trough. Bye.

- YOU get up now! Frank yelled from behind

- What the fuck dude!? Are joking? Everyone's asleep! My mom is the only one awake.

- Actually, I told her not to worry so she went right back to sleep. So please get up now or our dear Frank will carry you.

- Can we do this another time please?

- Frank you know what to do.

Suddenly I was on someones shoulder with my blanket and I was freezing.

- Put me down now! I whisper screamed

- Can't do that ma'am.

Jerry walked to his limo and his dear bodyguard Frank carried me there on his shoulder.

- You know some people could potentially call this a kidnap just to remind you! I yelled

- Well it's not a kidnap if you're being carried to a beautiful limo with guys. I mean I know you're attracted but control yourself lady. You know Harry wouldn't want this.

- Shut up you ass. Don't you dare talk to me about Harry.

- Why?

- Because you don't know a shit about him and what he would've wanted so shut the fuck up.

- Right... So you're allowed to talk to me like that and I'm not? Jerry started to think

- What do you mean you can't talk like that? You're not the one who's being kicked on and attacked for crying out loud!

- Yeah well you clearly haven't met my dad...

- Actually I have..

- What do you mean? You can't possibly know him. He's never around anyone, especially...

- What? Finish it! I dare you!

- Let's not fight in a limo. We'll continue this conversation at the house.

- You mean at the mansion..

- Be quiet please I love this song.


After a while I started to talk to him because I couldn't be quiet for half an hour.

- Jerry?

- Yeah?

- Why is your accent changing every now and then?

- Well to be honest... I'm obviously from England, but I was taught to speak with an american accent so people wouldn't suspect a thing. I was originally raised in England but something came up so we had to move with Harry and Mr. Mayor here so.. Here I am.

- Why are you calling your dad "Mr. Mayor"?

- You can ask Harry that when he wakes up.

- Okay.. I guess if he wakes up.

- Believe me sooner or later he will.

We got to the mansion and I ran to Harry's room.

- Jerry! I yelled in panic

- What? Why are you screaming? He said walking up to Harry's room.

- What is it?

- Where is he!?

- He's gone!?

- Yeah!

- Nurse what is going on?

- Nothing is going on sir.

- Where is Harry then?

- Wait. Can't you hear that?

- What? Jerry said confused

- I think I hear a shower.

We walked to the bathroom knocking on the door.

- Hello! Is anyone there? A help asked

- Who is it? A man's voice answered

- It's the help sir. Do you need anything? She said with a panic

- Well.. I'd take some lemon juice if it's alright.

- Yes sir. I will bring it right now.

After a while the help knocked on the door and it opened so Jerry pushed me in.

- What the....? He couldn't see anything because it was to steamy there but he could definitely feel me and my cold body

- Omg... Who are you!?

- It's Harry.. Who am I hugging? He said confused

- Harry is that you? Omg it is! Harry omg I missed you so much! How are you standing what is going on!?

- Mae? What are you doing in my shower?

- I just... was pushed here...

- Well let me just take towel before any kind of accidents happen.

- Cocky little shit aren't you? I said walking out

- Wait. What are you doing here? How are you here? Harry said putting his towel on

- Well I'm not going to answer you! How are you awake?

- Mae sit down.

- No Harry you explain right now what the hell is going on!

Jerry walked into the room.

- You little bastard. You told her? Harry said

- I haven't told her anything but hey might as well tell her now that you mentioned it.

- Tell me what?

- That.... My girlfriend is in town.

- What? And don't try to hide this. You lied to me. How could you!? You weren't really in coma?

- No I wasn't.. I've been spending time with my girlfriend and I didn't want to waste any time.

- How could you do this to me?

- Well Mae believe it or not, but you aren't always the center of attention.

- C'moon Harry stop it, don't go that far man. Jerry said

- You be quiet, Jerry! You were in this with him! You both lied to me!

- I was trying to....

- No! Don't try to make this okay, because it isn't okay!

My heart was pumping so fast and I couldn't even feel my hands. I was so betrayed and hurt. I hadn't felt like this since the accident.

- You know what? I just want to go home. Please take me home. Now!

- I will take you home. Jerry suggested taking my hand

- No! I want Frank to just take me home like he took me from there. There's no point in being here with liars.

I left in Frank's arms because he didn't bring my sticks. He came with me to the limo and we drove home. As soon as we got home I said goodbye and changed my wet pajamas and went back to sleep and didn't answer any phone call while I wanted to relax and continue my recovery. I was at home all day and felt pretty sick about the whole situation and wondered if I could finally meet this mysterious girlfriend of Harry's.

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