I will love you till the end of time

This is about a girl. Her name is Mae and she has a normal life... until she meets Harry.


16. I can do this

I woke up with pain. My leg still hurt from Frank's kick and that means war between us. Anyway, I've determined to not let Rosalie bring me down. I'm a strong girl and I can take care of myself, I don't need any kind of protection form any type of guy. I can do this.

- Damn it! I screamed

- Mae? What is it honey?! My dad yelled

- Nothing! It's just my leg.. I said

- Hold on, I'm coming up!

- Great! I said sarcastically

- Honey? What happened to your leg? Dad said confusedly while checking my leg

- Don't worry dad.. I just fell and it hasn't hurt like this before. Just put something cold and it'll be fine. I said

- Sweetie, I think we're going to have to go to the hospital.

- What?! Oh come on dad! It's not even that bad! I screamed because I was terrified of hospitals and I just don't like them

- Mae, you have to get over that fear, I'm not kidding it's a very dangerous fear.

- Really? What fear isn't dangerous dad?

Someone knocked on the door and I didn't even notice that it was morning and I had to get out of my pajamas...

- How may I help you sir? Dad asked after opening the door

- Oh no please.. You can't help me but Mae may help me. a cocky voice said

- Oh no you've got to be kidding me! I try to angrily storm downstairs but wasn't in that shape to just walk around


Jerry walked inside with his music with no shame.

- Dad I can take care of this, thanks. I said

- Okay honey just let me know when he becomes a problem. Dad watched him with a weird look

- You've got some nerve don't you?

- Love, why so serious? Jerry said with smirk on his face

- No, Don't you dare look at me with a damn smirk on your face.

- Why? It's not like your dating somebody else?

- Not that it's any of your business, I'm not and you can stop this with your big ego.

- What have I done now?

- Why are you here? I mean we are definitely not friends and we don't share anything in common, so why are you even talking to me? And please turn that music off.

- Why so much hate? What is your problem with getting new friends? I don't get it. I just came here to warn you that my dear Rosalie is here, so tell me if you've got anything from her.

- Like what?

- Like phone calls, messages any kind of threat is really bad, if you get from her. She can be a little psycho at times so please tell me. Jerry said worriedly

- No.

- No?

- I don't do this. I don't go around people and say whatever I feel like and pretend to actually care so please leave.

- Are you kidding me?

- Absolutely not. Please leave my house and don't come uninvited. Good bye. I said walking towards my door and closing it

- I know she has your phone number. But please don't walk away, you'll only get hurt.

- Yeah? Well it won't be my first time getting hurt.

I heard as Jerry walked calmly away and didn't even fight to stay here. Something has definitely changed. If he knows Rosalie as well as I think he does, he knows she has called me.

- You know what? Jerry came in to my room in the middle of my thoughts

- What is it? Why are you still here? I said almost smiling

- Why didn't you ask me? He said confused

- Ask you what? I said even more confused than him

- Why didn't you ask me, how does Rosalie got your number?

- I don't get the point.

- C'moon why aren't you wondering how she got your number?

- I don't know, I guess I don't want to get disappointed in that person. Why? Do you know who it was?

- No! I just wonder! I would've kill that little shit if I knew who he or she was, believe me!

- Okay, okay relax, I believe you.

- I just need to know what she has said to you so that I can help you. It's only the best for you of course.

- Why are you so obsessed with this? I just don't understand why do you think you can even help me if I needed it?

- I've experienced this and I just don't want to see this all over again. Look, I don't want to scare you but, you should be very worried. I'm so sorry to do this but I'm warning you because I can kind of guess how you're going to react if you see a threat. I'm just afraid that you'll get hurt and it'll be because of us.

- It's not your fault, if I get hurt. It's because of me and my big mouth.

We kept on talking and we were making progress in our... whatever we are. I think we're going to be okay, you know considering the fact that I hate him. Hopefully I don't get too scared to face this Rosalie chick. She sounds kind of intimidating to be honest. Well Jerry's by my side, so I don't think I need to worry that much... Hopefully.

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