Stay Here

I just wanted to be me. I was seeking my true self in the dark streets but instead, I saw her...
I found myself in her.
She saw the real me, though it took so long.
And I didn't know how inestimable she was.
Her sophisticated life was a getaway for me.
She walked into my life, and when she changed everything, she left.
I stayed...
Keeping the pain in my heart.
The pain is the only thing that reminds me who I am.
If I let the pain go, I let myself go...


4. Chapter 3

I wonder if there's any certain statistic that shows how much I get bored by staying at home, but I'm quite sure I'm one of a kind. I don't remember a time that I'd decided to just stay at home, I have to be extremely tired or sick to do that. 

Lucky me, Zayn decided to save me, calling me to go out. I offered to pick him up in an hour. Well, I had to, he can't drive.Being honest I don't do much better than him!

I took a quick shower, dried my hair and didn't spend time to brush it. I dressed up, grabbed my Jacket and left my house. 


"Where are we going?" Zayn asked while he was turning the radio on.

"I don't know, any idea?"

"Yeah, turn left"

After 30 minutes, we arrive at Zayn's favorite bar! That's weird cause Zayn is not the type of getting drunk, yet he has a favorite bar.

It isn't like the bars that I have been before. The bar has a Chinese theme with that special kind of paintings and red wallpapers. It is a quite place. The waitress guided us to a table and we ordered two beers.

" I just found this bar." Zayn said while I was looking around.

"I like it, it's cool..... It has its own costumers, right?"

"It looks like that, I gues--" He is distracted by a guy who just entered the bar.

"Look who is here!"

For a moment, we thought he was talking to us. We raised our heads and saw he went to a girl who was sitting behind us. The girl turned around and her eyes got fixed on mine! It's her. The girl that I saw last night and in a restaurant today. She recognizes me immediately and doesn't hesitate to make a remark.

"Seriously? Are you following me?"

I have nothing to say, neither to her, nor to Zayn. Luckily that guy started talking to her.

"You know her?" Zayn asked.

"No, I just saw her last night and in a restaurant today." I try to understand the strange cycle of seeing her constantly.

Zayn looked at her one more time.

"Her hair reminds me of Perrie."

Her hair? I look at her and see red strings in her straight black hair.

"It's way different from her....Speaking of Perrie, she will be here next week, right?"

"Yeah, can't wait. I miss her so much!" His eyes were brightened at the mention of Perrie.

"I can see that!" I say, pointing to his smile.

The waitress brought our beers. I drank a sip of my beer and while I was checking my cell phone, I heard that guy talking to her.

" I've got an offer for you" He said, trying to sound mysterious.

"And what is that?" She asked, with that cold voice of her that I had heard.

"Something fun, you will like it!" I hear them talking, the expression on Zayn's face shows that he has heard it too.

"It's getting interesting." Zayn says.

"It won't kill you if you just say it, would it?" 

"I just can't say it in public." I wonder what it is.

"Then don't come to me." 

"Fine, it's....we found another one."

"Another one?" I ask Zayn. What does he mean?

She asks the same question. "Another one?"

"You know, like that one...remember the time that we..."

"For your sake, you better stop acting like a spy." She is turning impatient, so do we.

"I'm talking about a new bank idiot, we found another one. We need you on this!"

Bank? This ain't interesting anymore.

"It's getting dangerous now." Zayn says, leaning back.

"I think we should leave." I don't know why, but I don't think  it's a good idea to be around these people.

"I'm not gonna leave. I just got my beer, and I wanna know what the girl will do." He drinks  his beer.


"Come one, let's bet. 5 pounds she accepts." He says.

"What? That's not fair. I was going to say that."

"Sorry, you have to say the opposite. Like she says no."

"You know she won't."

"Harry, be optimistic." He taunts me.

"Fine she says no..." I give up.

"Raise the bet!"

"You're on my nerve. 10 pounds, ok?" 

"OK. Let's go back to overhearing."

She stands up and we immediately change our gesture as if we were talking to each other. She goes to counter and sits on a stool. The boy goes after her.

"You have to listen to me!"

"I said no, you are so crazy to come here and give me that offer."

She was still calm. She is the only one in the world who can be offered a bank robbery and stay calm as if she was offered to pick a cookie!!!!

"What on earth?" Zayn is really disappointed."I can't believe she said no."

"Be optimistic" I mock him. "And give me my money." 

"I forgot my wallet." He looks somewhere else.

"Zayn it's just 10 pounds."

"Sorry." He is staring at the ceiling.

"You can't do this to do me..."

I'm in the battle with Zayn to take that 10 pounds when the boy's voice suddenly raises. 

"What if I don't leave?" The boy says like he is ready to fight. I wouldn't say that, not after seeing how she broke that guy's nose.

"I'll be glad to show you what happened to Bernard." Then she turned and pointed at me.

"You can ask him, he was there!"

Great! For the second time, Zayn and that guy stare at me.

"Oh, you are those singers!" He said like we just killed a group of school kids.

 "Are you sure you don't know her?" Zayn asked me.

"I don't. The first time I saw her, she broke a guy's nose!"

"She did what?" Zayn was completely shocked.

I explain him what happened that night while the boy finally leaves the bar.

"Look at her fist Harry." Zayn said in his lowest voice. I look at her hands and I see bandages around her fists.

"She did break his nose!" Zayn said in an astonished voice.

"Considering that she thinks I'm following her and we just heard why that boy came to her, we better leave." I don't want to be anywhere around her.

"Ok then." He was persuaded.

I paid the bill and we left that bar.


"It was the worst bar I have ever been" I say, as soon as we reach the car.

"It wasn't bad till your friend showed up." He defends his favorite bar.

"She is not my friend. It was your favorite bar after all!"

"Obviously that bar is the worst favorite place that I ever had." He laughs and opens the passenger door.

"You don't have to run, I won't make you cry!"

We both look back and see the girl with iron fists!!!!

"Don't answer her." Zayn said while I was thinking about all the things I can tell her in return.

"Oops....You can't say what you want cause you want to be the goody lovely superstar." She says in an insulting tone. What is her problem?

"I can teach you so many bad words....but don't tell your mama!" 

Why am I listening to her and let her say whatever she wants?

"Harry come on, " I hear Zayn calling me.

She doesn't worth my time. I don't answer her, get in the car and let Zayn's favorite songs distract me.



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