Stay Here

I just wanted to be me. I was seeking my true self in the dark streets but instead, I saw her...
I found myself in her.
She saw the real me, though it took so long.
And I didn't know how inestimable she was.
Her sophisticated life was a getaway for me.
She walked into my life, and when she changed everything, she left.
I stayed...
Keeping the pain in my heart.
The pain is the only thing that reminds me who I am.
If I let the pain go, I let myself go...


3. Chapter 2


Today wasn't as busy as I thought. We were done by noon and recorded a new song which is pretty cool. This new album is going to be amazing. 
The Boys left for home, Niall and I went to a restaurant nearby to eat lunch, no matter how badly Niall wanted to go to Nandos.

"I still think we should have gone to Nandos" Niall said, after taking a picture with a girl. "At least another place!"

"Relax Niall, it's just lunch"

"That's the exact reason that I want to-" I don't stay to listen to Niall's complaints. I find my way through bathrooms to wash my hands. 

I was going to leave the bathroom when I hear a guy complain about the lack of toilet paper. A Really good thing that I don't need to pee.

This place is anything except a restaurant. It only has 2 tables and except me and Niall and the girl that took a picture with us, there is no one around within a mile. Maybe we should go somewhere else.

On my way back to Niall, I bump into a girl, and make her fall on the ground

I recognize her when she raises her head to say something. She is the one I saw last night. 

"Hey!" I stretch my hand to help her get up.

She looks at me like she has no idea who I am. That's new! Almost every girl I see is like screaming my name. Ok, not everyone. It has happened before.
She is looking at me, waiting for an explanation, still on the ground.

"Do you plan on standing up or not? Cause I'm getting a bit tired."

"Who said I need your help?" She narrows her eyes.

"Oh, sorry. You mean you are enjoying the view down there?"

She just shakes her head and tries to gets up, not teaching the floor, which makes her stumble. I slightly touch her waist to help her.

"You just didn't touch me!" 

"I didn't mean anything." I say, moving my hands in the air."I was trying to help!"

"You can help the girl in your bed."

"You know you can be a little nice!" I say, starting to dislike her. She seems to have serious mental problems. "You don't have to break my nose." I try to sound friendly, honestly don't know why!

"What?" She means that she didn't recognize me last night?

"You are the one who broke that guy's nose. I was there." I explain, half smiling.

"And you are one of that band... a direction." She shows no interest.

"One Direction" I correct her.

"Whatever..." She picks her notebook. "Was it nice enough?" She sarcastically says.

"Oooh... Cranky! You don't have to be like that."

Why am I even keep on talking to her?

"Enough already. You're wasting my time!" She pushes me back, walking away.

"Brutish." I mumble, turning around.

I go back to our table where I find Niall talking to a girl sitting next to him. Before I get a chance to ask who she is, the girl starts talking.

"He said it will be okay to have lunch with you two." She says, with a beautiful smile.

If Niall is okay, then I'm okay.

"I would be glad, but..." I say, sitting on my chair. " Tell me you have eaten here before, cause I'm starting to freak out as I see no other costumer here."

"Sorry to disappoint you, but it's the first time that I visit here." She laughs. "Anyway, I'm Judith"

"Nice to meet you Judith"


The next hour was spent talking to Judith, who happened to be a very good company. I enjoyed the time that we shared.

"Oh no..." She looked at her cell phone."I have to go!"

" We leave too" Niall said, calling for someone to bring the bill. He paid for it and we left that place.

"You won't forget me, right?" She said, hoping to hear that we won't.

"How can we forget our friend?" I said, seeing her smile widened. That's what I love most about being famous. When I can make the fans happy with a simple sentence. I love to tell them how important they are to me and see their smile. I am so lucky to have this chance.

She gave us a goodbye hug and left. 

We got in the car and left that scary part of London which I never knew existed. Niall had a plan to play football with Louis and Liam and some of his friends. I would like to go, but I was really tired. I drove Niall to his house and went back to mine.

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