Stay Here

I just wanted to be me. I was seeking my true self in the dark streets but instead, I saw her...
I found myself in her.
She saw the real me, though it took so long.
And I didn't know how inestimable she was.
Her sophisticated life was a getaway for me.
She walked into my life, and when she changed everything, she left.
I stayed...
Keeping the pain in my heart.
The pain is the only thing that reminds me who I am.
If I let the pain go, I let myself go...


2. Chapter 1


It was exactly midnight when I left my house. We have been in studio whole day and I was like I need fresh air.

I stood on the doorstep, looking around, thinking to go which way. Feeling Like a prisoner who was just released from his jail, and there is a world before his eyes. 

I turn right and start walking. The cold wind blowing, ruffles my hair, bringing ringlets to my face. The thing that I have to shove them aside every 5 second remind me that I had to wear a beanie. I just didn't waste a minute as the idea came to my mind to go for a walk this late. 

Streets are not crowded and I don't see a paparazzi. Thanks God that I won that case, at least I won't see those paps at my front door!

I take a deep breath as I walk down the street. That's great! When was the last time that I had time for my own like this?
I really missed walking in the streets without cameras everywhere. I feel like me again. One out of a million when I feel this way. Not that I don't feel good with fans, just some time for me, that's all. Wish it could be like this all the time.

I stop at a toy store, looking through the window, taking my time. I don't have to rush, or run. I can stay here, stare at all those toys as long as I want. Perhaps it's not the exact definition of freedom, but I can deal with it.

I was enjoying the silence when I heard a boy calling after a girl, on the other side of the street. I looked at them as I was a little interested. I can't see her face or his. She is wearing a jacket with hat on and he, uhm, he is blond if I'm not mistaken. I don't think anyone should be out this late. I mean any girl, since I'm out right now!!!

Her voice is heard as she warns that boy calmly. I shouldn't care about them. I have a privacy that I have to enjoy.

The moment that I decide to look somewhere else, I see the girl suddenly turn and punch the boy in the face! 
For a moment I freeze. The boy falls on the ground, his hands on his nose.

" You broke my nose fucking bitch!" He said, putting his hands on his nose to stop bleeding.

No surprise, I think I heard his nose breaking.

"I warned you." She said in a soft and calm voice.

Thumbs up girl! I know I'm a guy and maybe I should defend him, but I think he deserved that. She looks up and finds me staring at the scene.

"You want some?"

I guess she is not really happy that I'm staring at her.

I don't say anything and turn around. The last thing I need is to be hit by an angry girl.

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