Stay Here

I just wanted to be me. I was seeking my true self in the dark streets but instead, I saw her...
I found myself in her.
She saw the real me, though it took so long.
And I didn't know how inestimable she was.
Her sophisticated life was a getaway for me.
She walked into my life, and when she changed everything, she left.
I stayed...
Keeping the pain in my heart.
The pain is the only thing that reminds me who I am.
If I let the pain go, I let myself go...


1. Background


There is something called "Passage of Time". It is said that can heal the wounds and vanish the pains. If you let it of course!

But sometimes, you don't let the pain go away. Because that pain is a reminder, of a thing you had once and you don't now. Maybe you didn't realize its value or maybe you never knew you wanted it...

Then that pain becomes so precious to you, so desirable that you fight against every good part of your life, anything that can make you forget it....

And you keep it, deep down in there, waiting...

For a word,

A sound,

To feel it again, the pain that burns you, like a psychopath who enjoys his torment.

Yeah, passage of time is a good thing....If you let it.

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