The Timekeeper

You want me to believe who? The demon who strives my death to put an end to his eternal torment or the boy who is born to kill me?


1. Prologue

A little boy was running around the table, troubling the maid who was setting the table.

"Caleb, please. You're distracting me." The maid said.

Caleb didn't listen and kept running. Soon two strong hands wrapped around him and lifted him up.

"Daddy!" He giggled loudly.

"You should listen to Mary!" He said, tickling his son.

"Daddy stop!" He laughed louder.

"Don't tease him John." A soft ,sweet voice reached him. John looked back and saw his beloved wife taking a seat at the table. He put Caleb down and took a seat next to his wife.

"How are you today?" He asked, taking her hand.

"I'm fine. Stop overreacting!" She smiled at him.

"I'm not overreacting. I'm just too excited Anna."

Anna looked at his son who was playing with his meal. "Do you think he is ok?"

"Of course he is. He can't wait to see his little sister."

Anna sighed and looked at her meal. She picked the fork, but before doing anything, the doors slammed open.

"He is here!" The horrified maid almost screamed.

John quickly stood up. "Take Anna and Caleb away." He walked toward the door.

"John..." Anna's desperate voice reached him, showing her fear.

"You'll be fine Anna. Go."

"Too late, your majesty!" His voice brought more fear to the freaked out family. "You heard about me and yet you didn't take your time to run. You should have left when you had time."

"This community needs me. I would never run." He didn't show any fear.

"What a loyal leader." He said, looking over John's shoulder to see Anna behind him, holding afraid Caleb in her arms. "What a lovely family. Too bad that it won't last anymore." 

"Too bad you think you can hurt them." John fired back. He would do anything to defend his family, even killing him,

"You won't kill me, John. You won't risk feeling the pain."

"I would do anything to keep them safe." He took a step toward him.

"Too late John, too late. Unlike you, I'm not afraid of a little pain."

"It will conquest your soul and you know it."

"Only killing you make that John. But killing you all?" He paused and looked at Anna one more time. "You know when you kill the whole blood line, you won't feel any pain anymore."

John's eyes filled with terror. He had to keep them safe. 

John walked to him, stretching his hand to reach his bare skin somewhere, but he was faster. He pushed him back and punched him in the face.

"John!" Anna screamed his named.

John heard her and quickly got up, attacking him from behind. John grasped cloth, beating his head at the glass cover of the table. The intruder's head scarred, blood running down his forehead.

He again punched John in the face and throw him at the ground. He grabbed a chair, hitting it on the table and making to turn to pieces. He picked a piece of wood with a sharp end and sat on the ground, next to John.

"It's all your fault. You decided to hold to the power instead of saving your family."

He thrusted the stick into John's chest. John looked down at where the sharp wood was. Blood was running down his chest. He looked at his wife and son for the last time, not being able to say anything and fell on the ground.

The intruder got up, walking toward Anna and Caleb. "It won't be that hard for you two."




"We are late." A young man said, looking around the room, where three dead bodies were soaked in their own blood. He walked to Caleb's body. Tears streamed down his face.

He was just 5! He hugged his small body, trying not to imagine what pain he had felt.

Another man, middle aged, was frozen where he was standing. "Monster!" He said.

A woman walked to Anna's body and took her head. Anna shivered and opened her eyes.

"She is alive!" She yelled.

They rushed to her. Anna hardly lifted her hand, pointing at her belly.

"What is she saying?" The young man asked.

"I don't know. We don't have much time. Take her hand." She ordered.

Anna used the last bit of her strength to talk. ""

The woman took the hem of her cloth and lifted it up. A little protuberance was there.

"She is pregnant." The middle age man said, holding out his hand. "She doesn't have much time, we have to save the child."

"But Anna..."

"She won't make it. Take my time."

"Take ours." The younger one said. "The baby needs so much time to survive."

The woman looked at Anna's face. She was calm and didn't protest at what they've decided. She slowly nodded at her.

"I'm so sorry Anna. We will keep your baby safe. I promise." She kissed her forehead and took those men hands, touching her belly.


"It's a girl." The woman said, holding the baby in her hands. She looked at Anna's dead body. She didn't have the chance to see her girl.

"We have to hide her. He will soon find out that one of them is still alive. He will come after her and he won't give up till he kills her."

"Nobody has to know who she is, except the ones we trust, Lara." The young man said. "We should send her away, to the families that are less known. She will be safe then."

Lara looked at her beautiful, innocent face. "She needs a name."

"Choose one for her, and be quick." He left the room.

Lara touched her little hands, the baby, being sleep wrapped her hand around one of her fingers.

"How about Erica, little girl? It means ruler, honorable ruler, as your father. You will be a ruler one day. Stay strong and know that you're always loved...

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