The Timekeeper

You want me to believe who? The demon who strives my death to put an end to his eternal torment or the boy who is born to kill me?


3. New School


New day, new school, and new people with their time flowing in the air, waiting for her to use it.

Erica looked around as walking in the school yard, searching for an easy catch. Her eyes caught the sign of an alone blond boy with glasses on and a pair of books in hand.

"Bookworm" She thought.

Her class schedule in one hand, she brought three books out of her backpack plus her precious pocket watch, putting the schedule on the books, she lifted them up. In a way that seemed she couldn't see her way. She held the pocket watch tight in her hands, under the books, walking to the direction of that boy.

"Heyyy..." An objective masculine voice said.

"Sorry....sorry...I'm really sorry..." Erica said, kneeling on the ground, collecting her stuff scattered around.

The boy looked at the intruder's face who was picking her books.

"It's ok." He sat on the ground." Do you need help?"

"I can't find my watch..." She solicitously looked around. "It's really valuable to me."

The boy scanned the area in search of a pocket watch.

"I think that's what you're looking for." He said, bending to pick a pocket watch which was a few steps away. "right?"

Her face changed from a desperate girl to a happy one.

"Thanks God, yes! You just saved my day."

The boy smiled, delighted inside by cheering up the girl.

"Can I take your time for a moment? Since you've been really nice though I hit you."

"Of course." The boy answered, the pocket watch in his hand.

"I'm new here and I have to find history class as soon as I can but I think I'm lost. It's embarrassing, being a senior and be lost the first day!"

"Poor thing" He thought, watching her still nervous face.

"All you have to do is walk to that building, behind me." He pointed. " Class 103."

"What are you doing down there, Ned?" Another voice interrupted the two of them.

"Helping, obviously!" Ned said, slowly getting up.

The newcomer felt agitation growing inside, as he walked toward his friend. Erica looked up at him. This one got dark messy hair, dark eyes and she, quickly stood up.

"He was really nice to me." She smiled in coquetry.

"Really? I'm sure he was." Newcomer had no idea where this bitterness come from.

"Anyway, thank you so much for your help." She looked from the Ned to newcomer then to Ned again.

"Can I have my watch back?" 

She was trying hard to keep the innocent look on.

"Oh," Ned said, being flustered. "Sure." He handed her the watch. Erica didn't try to hide the mischievous smile appearing on her face.

"I really appreciate your time, Ned." 

She turned around, walking to the direction Ned has told her. She touched the watch in her pocket, feeling a bit relieved of the anxiety that newcomer gave her.

"I got what I wanted." She thought, feeling the energy of his time by holding the pocket watch.

"What was that Kyle?" Ned Scold his friend, as he was staring to the girl, walking away.


"The way you acted there."

"I just didn't like her, she was....strange." 

"How did you know where I was?" Ned changes the subject as he sees his friend is still staring at the direction she left a minute ago.

"I was wandering around, I came this way. That's all."

"Anyway, good luck with the strange one!" Ned picks his bag off the ground.

"What do you mean?"

"She asked for the history class."

Kyle, clenched his fists, struggling for control, and only when he felt pain in his hands he realized it.

'Whatever, see you around." Kyle said, walking to the history class.

She was sitting on a chair in the third row, and Kyle, instead of avoiding her, went straight to sit behind her.

"Don't mind to keep the innocent face on anymore?"

Erica, feeling a twist in her stomach, looked back.

"What is your problem?" She said through her teeth.

Kyle waited for a second. What is my problem? Why am I acting this way? And like there was something inside him, someone else, who blocked his mind,shouting inside.

"I don't know, you?"

Kyle absolutely had no clue why he said that while he was planning to apologize her. He shifted his eyes from her to the history teacher who entered the room. 

The entire time, Kyle was struggling, with himself. Feeling like he was about to explode any second. As soon as the teacher dismissed the class he jumped off, almost running. Both from her and himself.


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