The Timekeeper

You want me to believe who? The demon who strives my death to put an end to his eternal torment or the boy who is born to kill me?


4. Changes



"Do what you're chosen for... And you'll be rewarded unlimited power"


Kyle woke up, by his own shouting voice. His chest moving fast, dragging air to his lungs. He looked around. Everything was fine, he was in his room, on his bed.

"Everything is fine." He told himself. "Everything except that dream."

He sat on the bed, touching his pillow that was soaked from his sweat.

"Kyle, are you up already?" Her mom's voice reaches him.

"Yeah, I'll be down in a minute."He manages to answer his mom.

Kyle took his head between his hands, eyes closed, trying to remove the sound from his head.

"Do what you're chosen for..."

"Creepy dream"  was all of his effort to comfort himself.

Kyle tossed the cover aside, slowly getting up. He opened to the closet to find something to wear, anything and walked downstairs.

"Morning dad."

"Morning Kyle." His dad said, looking at him over the paper he was holding.

 Kyle sat at the table, putting his hand under his chin, He was tired, like he hadn't slept in a month. That dream, That sound took away all of his energy.

"It was just a nightmare." He again reminded himself, but it didn't bring any positive change in him.

"You ok Kyle?" His mom asked, putting a pancake plate for him.

"Yea. I'm fine." He picked the fork.

"Sure? You look sick." His dad folded the paper, placing it on the table while looking at his son.

"I just didn't sleep well last night." He answered, staring at the pancake and feeling a twist in his stomach. He felt no appetite to eat anything. He slightly pushed the plate and stood up, grabbing his backpack.

"Nice flower mom." He pointed to the pot involving a colorful flower.

"This one got a special seed." Her mom stated, gently touching a small leaf.

"Dad's new project, huh?" He looked back at his father, knowing his father's long to create new plants.

"And it will be your project one day." 

"Really gotta go, see ya." Kyle shortens the conversation, walking out of the kitchen.

"Luke?" Kyle's mom, Ellen, called her husband as she heard the door got closed.


"He really looked garbled."

"He is 18 Ellen. It usually starts at this time."

Luke drinks his coffee. A look at the clock, and he finds he has to hurry. He grabs his coat.

"Don't you think we should tell him?"

"Sure, just give him a little time to calm down."

Ellen said nothing,only nodded.

"He will be fine Ellen."


Kyle took a seat on a bench, waiting for Ned to arrive. As a time passage that seemed like the eternity, he brought his cell phone out of his pocket to check the time. He and his family have never been into watches. They used to use cell phones and there was only a clock in the whole house. Their habit of not wearing watch has always shocked people.

There was still ten minutes left before the first class. Kyle put the cell phone back in his pocket, leaning back to the bench. A quick look around to find Ned and instead his eyes locks on that girl who gave him that weird feeling yesterday.

This time he felt a strong urge inside, to follow her. He kept staring till she walked away, and he couldn't see her anymore.

"What's up man?" A friendly hand touched his shoulder.

Kyle looked up at his friend, happy that he saved him from his thoughts.

"You look like a zombie who've just seen a ghost." Ned said, sitting next to Kyle.

"What does it even mean?" 

 "I don't know, I was just saying." Ned shrugged.

"You spend too much time on your books."

"No, I-"

"You've already lost your mind." Kyle shoved his shoulder.

"Well, if that's the way you think," He picked his bag. "I hope you've studied for the test."

Kyle's eyes widened when Ned said the word "test".

"Are you serious? What test?"

"Math test." Ned mocked Kyle's terrified expression, walking to class.

"Shit." Kyle got up." Sorry man, I didn't mean anything." He ran after Ned.


"Books in your bags class." Mr. Porter declared, walking in class, giving test papers to students.

Kyle looked around the class to find Ned, who didn't accept to sit next to Kyle. He found him sitting behind that girl. He kept watching her, picking her pen and looking at her shoes. Feeling someone watching her, she raised her head and exactly looked at Kyle.

Despite the way they met yesterday, no one looked away. Kyle almost felt the beast inside waking that Mr porter broke their eye contact by reaching her and placing a paper on her desk.

Kyle waited for Mr. Porter to walk away, but he found her not staring at him any more. He looked down at his test paper, cussing Ned under his breath.


"Ned I completely screwed up my test." Kyle said as they were walking to the cafeteria.

"Maybe you don't have to be a jerk when you need me."

"I said I'm sorry."

"You needed to learn a lesson." Ned proudly stated.

"Bookworm and asshole."

They took a seat at a table to drink coffee.

"Hey look." Ned pointed at a table across the cafeteria." Your crush!"

Kyle looked at the direction Ned pointed and found he was talking about that girl.

"Not funny at all!"

"What is it Kyle?" Ned asked, half worry, half confused. "You completely look different when she is around. And it's just the second day she's here."

Kyle looked at her, reading a book and playing with that pocket watch with one hand. She took a note while reading the book.

"I don't know, I didn't like her at first."

He looked back at Ned, realizing what he just said.

 "At first? Now you like her?" Ned said quietly, amazed by the way his friend acts.

"I didn't mean it that way."

Ned only laughed in return, already believed that Kyle likes her.


 Kyle walked through the parking lot to reach his car. He brought out his key, but it slipped out of his hands. He bent to pick the key, but he froze there, seeing her walking to the car that was next to his. He waited there, to see what will she do when she sees him. 

She opened the passenger door and put her bag there and then her eyes met Kyle, gazing at her.

Her eyes got Kyle off guard as it was the most unique color he's ever seen. A light grey that could also be called blue.

She stood there confused at the way Kyle was staring at her without saying anything. She didn't waste no more time, and got in the car, leaving the parking lot.

Kyle blinked rapidly as she left, felt like he was under a spell for a second when he stared at her eyes. He felt the urge, in a positive way this time. He even liked her, she seemed so beautiful to him. Sound like stupid love movies, but that was exactly the way he felt. He really wanted to speak. He's been thinking to apologize her, but he did nothing like he had no control.

"What was that?" Kyle asked himself thinking about the odd feelings he feels every time he sees her.

"What is happening to me?"



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