The cost of wisdom & Love.

young girls are fed fairytales growing up all of them want there Disney princess happy ending, but unfortunately these starry eyed girls are in for a slap in the face as we learn the truth of romance. In particular our little brave Bridget as she gets her new take on the myth of romance.


2. The social group

3 years later Bridget was in senior, her final two years of high school nearly out of her way. she couldn't wait for her freedom out of this system.

Bridget's not very exciting life had still consisted of the same group of friends, all girls, there was Thandi the want to be soapy writer( usually consisting of her own desire of love and sex) she was big girl and was often depressed, although she had the most amazing laugh! there was Tam who in primary school, the two girls were good friends until a fall out that separated them for a year or two, but being thrown into the world of high school brought them back together. They clung to each other like familiar safety floating devices in a new and strange world.

Then there was Lucy who the group had adopted out of pity if Bridget was honest with herself. the girl was a shy stick figure who didn't say much allowed but made the most girly and colourful letters you could imagine, her favourite colour was pink and you would swear the queen fairy of pink had puked all over her room, because that's all you saw when you walked in. she herself however was purple most of the time as she was always freezing even when it felt like 100n degrees outside.

 Then there was Josephine who Bridget wasn't particularly close with, but Tam had brought her to the group so they had made an effort to be friendly. Josephine was a pretty sporty blond with the most natural  voluptuous lips any girl could wish for, they simply said kiss me! Her conversation usually revolved around guys, those who were either friends from her many other social groups or guys who she had flirted with. Bridget would have killed for her confidence!

Then lastly there was Miley who was actually in Bridget's class for the last 4 years coincidently. the two obviously would land up talking and Bridget landed up convincing Miley to join their group and leave the abusive one she had been in at the time. The group of girls she came from was run by the queen of sluts, Brooke, who had a nasty streak on top of it. It had gotten to the point where Miley was scared of her, and for good reason, she had seen what she could do with her fists and mouth. This ring leader would make the girls do impossible tasks to fit in, like sleep with a guy.

Miley was anxious but all too happy to leave that nightmare behind. Bridget and Miley would still greet and have  brief conversations with the old group to show they weren't going to be childish about things, they were hard to avoid anyway since Brookes classroom was in the same corridor. Bridget kneeled down the one morning on the way to class as Brooke and her friend were sitting on the floor with their bags.

Bridget was filled with curiosity when she spotted a key holder photo of a handsome chap hanging off of Brookes bag. oh who's this Bridget casually inquired touching the photo, my boyfriend the queen of sluts aka Brooke replied.

Bridget after having finished up the chit chat and was walking way was still in disbelief that such a witch could have such a handsome guy, his picture bouncing around in her mind. why would she be such a slut if she had such a treasure...

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