The cost of wisdom & Love.

young girls are fed fairytales growing up all of them want there Disney princess happy ending, but unfortunately these starry eyed girls are in for a slap in the face as we learn the truth of romance. In particular our little brave Bridget as she gets her new take on the myth of romance.


1. Shy Liitle Bridget- the intro

the school corridor was buzzing and packed, everyone trying to get to their next class in time to avoid any demerits. Bridget spots Ethan from a mile away, his bright blonde head bobbing above the crowed toward her direction. a combustion of excitement ran through her and she tried to make her tarty smile not too obvious. ok she had a pretty impossible target of a crush, she knew she wasn't the only one gunning for the head boy. it was casual cloth day, so luckily she wasn't confined to any stupid uniform, she tried looking her best although she knew inside she couldn't compete with some of the other rich little bitches.

she did have an advantage though and that was that she actually knew Ethan. ok so maybe just because they attended the same church but hey its something!

He walked past her brushing up against her and obliviously hurried passed. Bridget kept playing the moment and excitement she had felt over and over again in her head for the rest of the school day.

Bridget like most young girls was a complete romantic and the sad little thing would run away with her day dreams of Ethan and the possibilities. It was never going to be possible for her... she was 3 years below him, had no confidence and lived in her head rather than reality.

but you just look into Bridget's pretty blue eyes and try tell her that. she wasn't going to be getting any guys any time soon that was more than a casual friend.

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