The cost of wisdom & Love.

young girls are fed fairytales growing up all of them want there Disney princess happy ending, but unfortunately these starry eyed girls are in for a slap in the face as we learn the truth of romance. In particular our little brave Bridget as she gets her new take on the myth of romance.


3. Making some money, Honey!

Holidays were heading up and Bridget was planning to work and save.

she thought of herself as responsible in this way. she was the only one in her group who actually had a part time job. her friends complaining about not having enough pocket money from their parents drove her crazy!

she was lucky to have a work place that let her come and go when she needed. she was working as a cashier at a local branch of a popular grocery store. shifts were planned in a week in advance so it was easy to say whether she could work on the upcoming weekends or after school or not.

it wasn't long before Bridget would be picking up a lot more shifts! there was a new cashier in training and Bridget fancied him. he wasn't particularly handsome but he was ok .Bridget was so desperate for some love, some guy, she really wasn't going to be fussy.

Bridget had cried so many nights in bed wondering what was so horribly wrong with her that at the age of 16 she still hadn't had as much as had a valentine or her hand held, not even a kiss!

Zintle, a permanent cashier she often worked beside told her that she came across to intimidating, that she probably was scaring guys off before they could try."What do you mean ?'' Bridget had inquired. "You look to serious girl! how is a guy even meant to talk to you if you don't look approachable." she looked at Bridget waiting for her opinion about what she had said but Bridget was too lost for words, was it possible guys didn't want to approach her because of her depressed and serious nature, but she couldn't help it, she was this way because of the neglect from guys attention in the first place. why couldn't the guys see her funny and caring side the way her friends did?

This made Bridget all more determined to win over this new tall, blue eyed, curly blond haired cashier over!

it was surprisingly easier than she thought. the manager had put her in charge of training him so they were seated at tills next to each other and when the store would hit a quiet patch the two would talk and surprisingly laugh, he told her about his pet snake which horrified Bridget as she hated having to feed these things cute little innocent creatures. he told her how his house was filled with geckos and would chase them with a broom trying to knock them of the ceiling to feed to his slithery pet. Bridget had a good laugh and knew he was making extra effort to make her talk and laugh. she was making more than money, she was making an relationship.

the next few weeks was filled with Bridget looking forward to her increased work shifts & smiling at her phone screen and admiring everything or anything he had to say. "do you like guys with muscles?" he would ask, "because if you do your in luck, because I have them!" even though she knew his lines were cheesy she felt excited at the fact he was trying to impress her.

 It wasn't long until he was coming to her house for visits, he even helped her dad  dig a hole out to build a pond. that should take care of the parents approval she thought happily to herself. to be honest her parents were probably as happy as her that she had a guy around.

One weekend her parents went away and Bridget and her new found interest planned a stay in movie evening, she knew it would be the perfect setting to inspire some cuddling. They pushed the couch up in front of the TV so that it felt like a small movie house of their own.

If you had to ask Bridget today, she wouldn't be able to tell you what movie was playing that evening. All she could concentrate on was how slowly is hand was creeping to her side, and then how wonderful it felt when their fingers eventually tangled together. Before the movie had ended he leaned in and gave Bridget her first gentle kiss. she could hear her heart pounding in her ears. By the end of the evening she knew a lot more about kissing, it was getting late and they had organised for him to sleep over, her parents had agreed to it feeing it was safer than her being left alone.

the time came for bed and they said good night giving one last exhilarating kiss, and then obediently but reluctantly went to their separate rooms for the night. she lay there running the evening over and over in her head, wondering if he still was laying awake  in the room next door. her wondering was answered when he snuck into her room in the dark and leaned down and kissed her again, lifted his head and said "I had to do that one last time" and then snuck  out again.

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