Little White Lie

When faced with a small little girl in a white dress, who knows how Clary will escape the clutches of evil...


1. Lily DelLore

"Lily? Is daddy coming to pick you up?" I said, bending over to match her little 6-year-old height.
"Daddy said to me to tell you that he will be here a bit... after." she said, trying to think of how to.
"Do you mean later?" I replied. She nodded subtly. It was 3:35 and Mr DelLore still wasn't here to pick up Lily. Poor girl, I may not know exactly what it's like to be there, but I know she shouldn't be without a mother, no child should. Maybe that's why she acts stupider than she really is. She's a genius to the tip when she wants to be. Shame, really her dad can't see why she likes nursery.
"Clary?" she said tugging on my tailcoat, "Why does daddy never come on time?"
"Your daddy is probably just working late." Or out drunk, again...

  I dragged out the box with all the colouring stuff in and instantly, she started drawing a pretty picture, as we call them in People's Daycare. She started drawing an odd little thing. It was her, I think, with another boy.
"Is that Daddy?" I asked trying not to offend her.
"No, silly, that's Potter. He's my friend!" she started to giggle and explain that Potter lived far away and she didn't always get to see him. Which was sad, but, if he lived far away, I could understand. In the picture she was wearing her little red cape and she made her hair MUCH longer, which, I didn't think was possible... Potter seemed to be holding something. "What is Potter holding, Lily?"
"Well first, I call him Mr Potter because he is a bit older than me and likes the Mr Men books. But, he is holding a sword!"
"Well. he must be pretty strong to be holding a great big sword like that!"
"Silly Mr Clary, it's one that I play with at home!" Finally, she is talking like she really is, smart and sophisticated... For a 6-year-old...


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