Little White Lie

When faced with a small little girl in a white dress, who knows how Clary will escape the clutches of evil...


2. Lights Off

"Okay," I said, packing up the box, "I think we should have a sleepover!"
"Again?" she said with the most disappointed face, "But we had one last night, and the night before that! Where's daddy?"
"I don't know, he'll be here tomorrow..." I said, again...
"Promise?" there was a long pause.
"No, I can't promise that..." I started to turn off most of the electronics; TV, stereo, lights, the whole downstairs was like a haunted house. Luckily, unlike most of the boarding kids, Lily isn't scared of the dark. She wasn't scared of most things...

   The fireplace was lit, the pillows fluffed and now, her milk. "Hot or co-"
"Yes!" she quickly said, I think she didn't want me to hear, it was so quiet!
"What do you mean, 'yes'? And, remember, you can't interrupt."
"Oh, I'm sorry. I meant yes, as a, as a um... Like, surprise me! Go ahead, I don't mind!" and with that, she gave me the biggest, cheekiest grin I had ever seen!
"Good, warm it is!" I said, luckily, it makes her sleepy! Not that I don't love her, or anything, but, I don't want her to hear the conversation I am going to have with her father.

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