Little White Lie

When faced with a small little girl in a white dress, who knows how Clary will escape the clutches of evil...


3. In The Darkness

"Mr Clary, I'm very tired, now." she said stretching and yawning. I was hoping so,
"Okay, the bed is all made up, remember, if you want anything you-"
"You need to knock. Once for a drink. Twice for the potty and three for an emergency! I know...!"
"Good!" and with that, she rushed into the doorway, rushed BACK into the living room and grabbed her teddy.
"Ah, yes. Don't forget Mr... Mr..."
"Yes, Mr White!"

   She was finally asleep.

   As I was sat down, watching the rest of my program, the TV and all of the lamps turned off. I went into Lily's room and made sure she was okay. She was sat on her bed, facing the wall and Mr White was propped up on a little stool that I didn't even know we had. The room was silent. All apart from the little mumble coming from Lily. 

   "Hello, Mr Clary." she said it in her normal voice, like nothing was wrong. "I was just talking to Mr White, here. We were discussing games!"
"You're supposed to be asleep..."
"But I can't! Can we please play a game?" I looked at her for a second, then Mr White, then back at her. I smiled and we went into the living room. She grasped my hand and we went.

   Candles... That would be useful...

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