16 and over.....

Cassandra was now 16 yrs. old, her birthday was 3 days ago. Her parents decided to let her visit her cousin Lilly Horan over at Holmes Chapel for the summer,but one thing she hated about being there was Harry Styles, the bestfriend of Lilly`s brother Niall Horan. Cassandra and Niall really don`t get along with each other.


2. Today is the day

        Cassandra`s P.O.V

  I sat up and checked at the time and it was 12:30,ughh I said to myself now I`m gonna have 2 whole months with Harry Styles bugging me all the time,so I layed down and hummed myself to sleep.

Still Cassandras P.O.V

My alarm went off so I got up and hitted the stop button on my alarm clock, I sighed and looked at the time ughh it`s 5:45 in the morning, wait a second I didn`t set my alarm for 5:45 in the morning it always would be 6:30 in the morning.......I smell something fishy so I got up and brushed my teeth and went down the stairs to the kitchen then I saw my Mom cooking bacon and pancakes.I greeted her "Hey mum" and she answered me "Morning honey, I setted your alarm clock early today" so I then said "Umm yah, I noticed.....so why did you do it?" then she said " today your going to Holmes Chapel remember?" then my eyes widened after that I said " Oh my gosh, I completely forgot, well atleast I already packed 2 days ago" then my mom told me " well you better be ready, because the trip is 2 hours from here" then after I ate I went straight to my bedroom and took a bath and change into a floral summer dress and put on some makeup and mascara and some red lipstick then I was done, then I brought down my bags and went up to take one more backpack with my makeup, phone, wallet, a pocket book,a hair brush,and some food.As I was going down the stairs I heard my mom yell telling me there was a taxi waiting for me.........then I went to the car mom and dad kissed me goodbye and gave me 30,000 dollars for my needs or anything then I went on!!!!!!!

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