16 and over.....

Cassandra was now 16 yrs. old, her birthday was 3 days ago. Her parents decided to let her visit her cousin Lilly Horan over at Holmes Chapel for the summer,but one thing she hated about being there was Harry Styles, the bestfriend of Lilly`s brother Niall Horan. Cassandra and Niall really don`t get along with each other.


3. On my way

Cassandra`s P.O.V

As I left I plugged my earphones in then started listening to music after almost like 30 minutes of doing that I got bored then got out my pocket book it said "Summer Love" then I thought to myself pffft.....that would never happen to me, then after 30 minutes in doing that means I have 1 more hour in waiting, then I got some snacks and ate it and 25 minutes of eating after that I realized I was almost there, I saw some old shops we used to go when we visited my aunts or uncles........then 10 more minutes of driving we stopped at a tall silver painted gate then I paid the driver and when I was about to knock the door swiftly opened and their I saw Lilly with a big grin on her face then I shouted and hugged her and she hugged back to then I heard shouting in the livingroom, then Lilly said "their just the boys, you can meet them later if you want" then I said " oh, okay" then Niall saw me talking to Lilly and then went up to me and hugged me the he said "Hey,how are you? glad your parents thought of bringing you here gor the summer" then I answered him " yup Im good, yeah me neither" then he left me and Lilly there then Lilly dragged me to my room after that I started unpacking then we heard a knock on the door, and Lilly opened it and there was a 26 year old lady that I assume it shuold be Harry`s sister Gemma.

Lilly`s P.O.V

I heard a car arrive at the gate and I knew who it was then I got out the door in perfect timing she was going in then I hugged her and sche hugged back too........then Niall went up and hugged her and asked some questions then left immediately, then I dragged her to her room then she started unpacking then we heard a knock on the door then I stood up and opened it and saw Gemma standing there.


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