16 and over.....

Cassandra was now 16 yrs. old, her birthday was 3 days ago. Her parents decided to let her visit her cousin Lilly Horan over at Holmes Chapel for the summer,but one thing she hated about being there was Harry Styles, the bestfriend of Lilly`s brother Niall Horan. Cassandra and Niall really don`t get along with each other.


4. First day

Gemma`s P.O.V

While I was making lunch with mum Niall came running in to the kitchen looking for food when he was about to leave he told us her cousin was here and was upstairs unpacking with Lilly so I told mom I was going upstairs to check on the girls, I was at the front of her door and knocked then Lilly opened the door and said " oh hey Gemma, this is Cassandra " then I told her " Hi, Im Harry`s older sister, Gemma" she waved and said hello.

Cassandra`s P.O.V

She introduced herself, then went out and then I told Lilly that she was kind of sweet and kind.Then me and Lilly decided to go meet the boys at the livingroom then as we entered the livingroom I saw 5 boys wrestling each other to the ground and one of them was Niall.Then I cleared my throat to get their attention.

Liam's P.O.V 

Me and the other boys were wrestling ourselves to the ground until I heard someone clear their throat when I looked up there was a girl younger than me, she was beautiful,everyone noticed she was there we all stood and Niall introduced us to her.Her name was Cassandra she was a cousin of Niall's.

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