16 and over.....

Cassandra was now 16 yrs. old, her birthday was 3 days ago. Her parents decided to let her visit her cousin Lilly Horan over at Holmes Chapel for the summer,but one thing she hated about being there was Harry Styles, the bestfriend of Lilly`s brother Niall Horan. Cassandra and Niall really don`t get along with each other.


6. First day part 2

Cassandra's P.O.V Hey wanna go out for a walk at the beach? Lilly asked,I said yes right away cause I did'nt want Harry to flirt to me. So we went to the beach and bought some icecream, while Lilly was paying I thought to myself "Why am I even avoiding Harry?,well to be honest to myself he does look cute with his curly hair and green eyes"........I was thinking quietly to myself until someone snapped their hand in my face letting me jump back to myself, god it was just Lilly! "So what are you thinking about?" then I answered her telling her it was just about my family. Then we made our way back home cause Anne just texted Lilly that lunch was ready. Lilly's P.O.V So as I was paying for the icecream I saw Cassandra in deep thought so I decided to ask what was she thinking about then she answered me that it was just about her family, then minutes later I recieved a text from Anne. So I told Cassandra we should get going now cause lunch was ready. Cassandra's P.O.V We made our way back to the house and as we entered the kitchen I saw all five of the boys sitting in the dining table already, then Niall noticed we were already there then he said "finally your here" as he got some food. So Lilly sat at the other end of the table and I sat at the other end I was between Harry and Liam.Liam asked sorts of questions while on the other hand Harry was being quiet. Harry's P.O.V At lunch I sat next to Cassandra, I saw her talk to Liam I was so jealous of him.So I took my mind off of them to think of a plan on how to get Cassandra. So my plan is get her to go with me and stroll around then do alot more of it then I'll ask the boys to do me a favour. Liam's P.O.V I sat next to Cassandra at lunch, I could feel that she was feeling awkward so I asked her some questions to lessen the tension in the room. Cassandra's P.O.V After lunch everything went normal we sat all afternoon at the couch with the boys and watched Toy Story 3.We ate some popcorn,so at that time I was in the middle of the couch, inbetween Harry and Zayn, I think it was almost 7 pm when we decided to watch "The Conjuring"........there was a time I shouted because a doll sneaked up in the movie and I layed my hand on Harry's thigh making him jump and snapped his head at me, then I said "oops,sorry Harry" then he said "Oh, its ok love" then we watched as the t.v went on with the movie,then one more time a kid ran up to her toy doll,the kid found her in the dining table with a knife in its hand and the doll snook up on the girl then I didn't dare to watch, I was shivering while putting my knees up to my chest and hugged it,then I was burying my face in my arms then I felt someones hands slide under my back and noticed Harry and I was cuddling I didn't care because I really needed someone to hug because I was freakin scared of the movie then 20 minutes later I felt sleepy then I laid my head against Harry's shoulder then fell asleep. Harry's P.O.V After lunch we decided to watch a movie then like about 7 pm we decided to watch the conjuring..........we were almost in the middle of the movie when it was a scary time Cassandra putted her hands in my thigh, it caused me to jump and I snapped my head to her she said "oops, I'm sorry" then I said "its ok love" then another twenty minutes has passed another scary film went out causing Cassandra to hug her knees I felt sorry for her so I thought of a way to comfort her I slipped my hands under her back then hugged her,then 20 minutes later I felt a head rest in my shoulder I turned and looked and it was Cassandra sleeping on my shoulder. To be honest I had a crush on her since this morning. Well I knew Niall would freak out if I carried her back to her room without permission so I asked Niall and he said yes as long as no dirty business.So I carried her up to her room then layed her carefully on her bed then kissed her head.
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