16 and over.....

Cassandra was now 16 yrs. old, her birthday was 3 days ago. Her parents decided to let her visit her cousin Lilly Horan over at Holmes Chapel for the summer,but one thing she hated about being there was Harry Styles, the bestfriend of Lilly`s brother Niall Horan. Cassandra and Niall really don`t get along with each other.


5. First day part 1

Harry's P.O.V Me and the boys started to wrestle each other to the ground and I heard someone cleared their throat,I looked up and saw a girl younger than me,she was so beautiful I could stare in her eyes all day, so I stood up trying to act mature in front of her ,then Niall came to her side and introduced us. Louis 's P.O.V I was about to pull Zayn's hair when I heard someone clearing up their throat when I looked up I saw a girl about 16 or 17 yrs. old, then Niall introduced us to her and I jumped up to her and hugged her and got her number and I putted my number in and my name was Lou Boo. Zayn's P.O.V I was about to punch Niall playfully in the arm but someone cleared their throat when I looked up I saw a beautiful girl but I didn't care cause I have the most wonderful girlfriend in the world and that's Perrie. So Niall introduced us and I could see it in Harry's eyes that he liked Cassandra. After that Anne came in and introduced herself to Cassandra and talked with her. Anne's P.O.V Si I decided to meet Cassandra, when I was entering the livingroom she was there to,wow was she pretty, I thought to myself that Cassandra and Harry looked cute if they were a couple.So I got to know her well. Cassandra's P.O.V Well Anne seemed to be very kind just like Gemma,then Lilly told me we should take a walk at the beach(did I tell you that Harry's house is at the side of the beach?) so i agreed since it was summer. So we went out and bought some icecream and walked in the sand.
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