We'll this is my first book I will update as much as I can let me know if you liked this bit. If you want to be in it let me know! Luke, Calum, and Ashton gf are closed. Trey gf, Michael gf, Luke ex.


1. Chapter 1

"I wish you were dead!!!" My dad said slamming me into the wall. He but his hand around my throat. He let's go and I drop to the floor. "You are a mistake." He kicks me. He tries to punch me but someone stops him.

"Why do you do this? One day you could kill her! Look at her! She is broken, you are suppost to build her up not brake her down!" My dad frowns then stomps away. That someone was my brother, Jake. He helps me up. "Are you okay, Sam?" That's me. My actual name is Samantha Rose, but that's to long to say so I like Sam better.

"I'm fine!" I head down the hall to my room. Me and my brother moved here with my dad a little while ago. My mom died soon after I was born so my dad gave us to Aunt Mae. She got really sick though so we left and came here. My dad is drunk all the time. He works, I don't know what he is though. I look through my phone and find that there is a contest to live with 5sos for a year and we get to take a friend too!!! They are my favorite band! I immediately sign up and text My friend Dylan.

*Hey! Did you see the contest?!*

*Yea! I already signed up! You want to come get some froyo?*

*At 9 at night? I'm in. Pick me up in 5.*

*Ok! See you soon!* I put my phone down and put on a white pair of jean shorts and a black 5sos tank top. I check to make sure you can't see any bruises and grab my phone and climb out the window.

"You know there's a front door?" Dylan teases when I get to the car. I stick my tongue out at her and we go to Yo Froyo, the best place here! We go to our normal spot in the back but there are 4 boys sitting there so we sit in the next booth. They are talking really loud. Dylan is talking but I don't listen to her because I am listening to the guys.

"Did you here about that contest?" Someone says in a thick Australian accent. I smile.

"Yea! I can't believe we have to share 1 bathroom with 2 girls!!! How is that going to work?" They all laugh at the remark. The accent? The contest? The bathroom? It couldn't! It can't be them! Dylan said something important.

"Sam!" She is glaring at me. "We have company!" I turn my head and see Missy walk through the door with her boyfriend and my ex, Trey. I clench my fist under the table. They starts walking over towards us.

"Trey! These whores are sitting in my spot!" She whines like a two year old. Then glares at me. "You are in my spot you fat whore!"

"Does it have your name on it?" I look down at my froyo.

"No, but it has fat whore all over it!" She has a smirk on her face. The boys are quiet. Are they listening in?

"Oh then I guess it does have your name on it. My bad." I start to get up, the boys are laughing and it's making Missy mad. Before I can get up Trey pushes me.

"Don't you ever talk to Missy like that!" He looks at me. Dylan stands.

"Don't you ever touch my best friend again you hurt her enough already!" I glare at Dylan for saying that.

"Don't worry about it Dylan, he treats her right. He treats her like a dog." I do a fake bark. And Missy is really irritated now.

"Let's go Trey!" She starts to leave. Trey just glares at me.

"You'll regret that!" He walks out running into someone. Me and Dylan laugh. I start whisper oddly the boys are too.

"Guess what?" I smile at her.


"5sos is sitting behind me." She almost screams.


"Yea!!!" As I say that the four boys come sit by us. Two by Dylan and two by me.

"Well, now that you've figured out our secret identity." Ashton says. He is sitting on Dylan's side.

"I must say you were pretty clever there!" Calum says. He is on the other side of Luke which is on my side. They all agree. I giggle.

"Pizza, please!" Michael yelled at a waitress. Ashton nudged him.

"Seriously?! We are at a froyo store!" Ashton says pointing towards my froyo.

"Any store that doesn't sell pizza is lame!" Michael said. "So did you guys enter the contest?" Before I could answer my phone buzzes so Dylan answers.

*Get your ass back home now!!!!* I ignore it. I think Luke might have seen it because he looked at me with curiosity. He had beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair just like me except my hair was more blonde. We talk and laugh the night away. The boys get ready to leave and say goodbye. I get in the car and check my phone.

*Get home now*

*I am going to beat your ass when you get home* it never ended. I put my phone away as we drove I thought about that night which made me smile. I climbed through my window and slipped on my pajamas from before. I lay in bed and I soon here my bedroom door slam. The last thing I heard that night was the breaking of glass. I fell to the floor and watched him kick me but I felt no pain. Then everything went black...

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