A little piece of my Forever

I watch as our siblings play around the playground. I lift my gaze and look down at her only to find her angelic eyes staring up at me. "What?" I almost whisper. "I love you so much and I can't believe after everything you're finally mine. I almost chuckle. "You are kind of oblivious. After all 7 years of knowing you, I never stopped fighting for your love."


1. Prolouge

I walk into the coffee shop for a quick boost before my exam. I glance at my phone at see the time. 2:15pm. I sigh seeing as I only have 25 before I have to leave for my exam, and this coffee shop is know for taking a long time. They make all their money from being the only coffee shop this close to the main building on campus. After about 10 minutes, a waitress bring out my sandwich and coffee. I sigh with relief and began to eat my snack. The coffee shop door rings and I casually glance up. In walks a tall boy with brown hair. I can't see his face yet, only his back as he orders his food. I resume eating my food and drinking my coffee. I look at my cellphone again. 2:28. "Shit." I mumble and stand up. disposing of my napkin and coffee cup. I rush out the door, but not before I have a chance to glance at the boy again. He turns away from me so once again I don't see his face. I frown as I walk out the door. Who is he and why doesn't he want me to know?

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