I' ll come back for you

So good


1. I died

Percy pov .

Everyone was prepping for the war with Gaea. We were all checking stuff when I heard the conch horn blow 3 times . Their here I uncapped Riptide and charged into battle. Taking monster

by monster down I checked over to where Annabeth was fighting she was getting overwhelmed by the monsters I quickly charged over to her destroying monsters along the way. I blocked the attack that my old pal Krones threw at her . I stabbed and I fought but her kept overpowering me , my dad came to my aid and we took him down. We fist bumped . When I heard an ear piercing scream and saw Annabeth falling to the ground I murderously looked up to see Gaea laughing like the maniac she is ."Apollo" I shouted he flashed over and started healing Annabeth . I turned to Gaea if looks could kill she'd be fading " GAEA " I yelled so loud the battle field shook my eyes darkened and then suddenly everything faded around me

Poseidon pov

I heard a yell so loud my ears ringed afterwards " GAEA" I turned and saw percy fall down I ran to him hoping he was ok then suddenly he arose from the ground his eyes glowed bright black he rose from the ground into the sky. Gaea tried to hit him with her sword but it bounced of percy yelled " YOU THINK YOU KNOW STRENGTH WELL I WILL SHOW YOU TRUE POWER" a black tentical shot from my sons chest wrapping around Gaea she screamed as the darkness covered her forcing her to fade. Soon nothing was there but a pile if dirt. My son fell Annabeth and I ran to him.

Annabeth pov

Percy percy percy that's all that went threw my mind when I got to him I knelt down to him his sparkling green eyes were open "goodbye Annabeth " he said lightly then his eyes closed for the last time. " goodbye percy " I whispered tears running freely down my cheeks

1 month later ( still annabeths pov)

We were in the Olympus throne room "Annabeth chase we are giving you the gift of becoming a god do you except ? Zeus asked

"Yes I except" I said he shot me with a blast if energy and I blacked out . When I woke up I knew I was the goddess of architecture, thoughts , and immortality and I knew I would forever be a maiden goddess till I saw percy again

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