Daddy's little chula

This girl is a chula, who had been abandoned my biological mother and her father wasn't to protect her but there was a rich boy who took her into their home but she didn't know why she hated her mom after she abandoned her.


1. The abandonment

My name is Maria Perez, I used to live with a family but now, they had abandon me, so now, I lived on the streets. I was lonely, I ditch school, became a gangster, then my p.o. threaten me by going to prison or school. I choose to go to prison since they wanted to know where is a girl that my gang and I didn't know, so I had to protect the family. The next day, I got out of jail, then my ride didn't came, so, I went to the closest payphone to call my boyfriend, but his friends said " while you were in prison, Baby Boy was shot by a black man, he's in a coma," I said " damn it, can you pick me up then, por favor?" He said " los sentos man." So, I started to walk then I started to look for a job to get a place to stay, but while I was walking, I saw a white boy following me. Then I started to run but I didn't see a hole on the sidewalk, then I had twisted my ankle. Then he came up to see me and he saw me crying because I was lonely and I couldn't bare pain anymore. He said "everything will be okay," then I blacked out for couple of hours. Then I woke up in the hospital, I saw him on the side of the bed with his head. 

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