Beautiful Simplicity

A control freak so broken
A simple girl so broken


1. You're all mine

Chapter Text

The Morning Glory music store on 54th street was always busy, whether it was a squealing preteen looking for the newest 'Justin Bieber' album or a long haired metal head. The doorbell went off signalling that we had a new customer, mine and Gabriella's heads shot round to look at who had entered the shop. It was a guy in a what looked like a very expensive suit, he was attractive, he was about 6 foot, he had mousey-brown wavy hair and beautiful hazel eyes. "We don't sell classical music" Gabriella says obnoxiously, I hated her, she was rude to the customers and to other staff but she could be, she was the bosses daughter. The stranger ignored her and carried on walking towards me. "Do you have any Blink?" He says "Ye-" Gabriella cut me off "we have a new policy, in order to buy a CD you must name at least two members" she was awful. "Tom DeLonge, Mark Hoppus, Travis Barker" he says not looking away from me. Gabriella, obviously shocked that he knew the answer, shuffled off to see how much stock needed to go out. "Sorry about her, she's not my favourite person in the world" I say chuckling "I can see why" he sighs "So what Blink album were you looking for?" I say back reaching under the till to grab the book that had all the albums we had in the stock room. "Well, I'm having a Halloween get together tonight at my house, just me and the others that were in the band and we all love blink, but I want classic 'Enema of the State' blink and they all want newer stuff. What do you suggest" "Enema of the State, great album, but for a party?. I would suggest the greatest hits one,It has all of their best stuff" I say motioning him to follow me to the 'alternative' section "why are you buying a CD anyway?, you don't look the sort" "What do I look like then?" He says laughing "Well, you look like the sort that would download it with your infinite amount of iTunes money and big fancy speaker system" "So judgemental for one so young" he says picking up the CD I had suggested "I'll have you know I am 25 years old" I say confidently "29, and lots of experience" he says winking "Hey, Billie, there are customers waiting, you know" Gabriella says with attitude from the till "I have to go work" I say putting on my puppy dog eyes. "I'll be waiting... Billie " he says stretching his hand out for me to shake "See you in a short while... Stranger" I say taking his hand and shaking it.

Several CD's down and the familiar black sleeve with 'Blink-182- Greatest Hits' was placed in front of me with a note on it saying 'meet me when you finish work - Ashton - (323) -765-298' I slipped the note into my pocket and scanned the CD "$4 please... Ashton" I say biting my lip


I called Ashton half an hour after work, I didn't want to seem desperate, we'd agreed to meet at a local coffee shop, why was he so interested in me?. "Hey Stranger" I say from behind Ashton. "Hey, Billie, what would you like" he says smiling at me "Pumpkin latte please" I say to him reaching into my bag to get my purse "Allow me" he says putting his hand on mine "Are you sure?" I say, I hate people offering to buy me things. "It would be my pleasure" he says putting his hand on the small of my back "two pumpkin lattes please" We chatted until they brought us our drinks. "So what do you do?" I says taking a sip of my drink "I'm in the music industry" he says looking at me "I used to be in a band, when I was young" "Oh, what were you called?" I say really interested in his story. "5 seconds of summer" we got quite big, but stuff happened." He says looking glum " we are all still like brothers though, they are the ones who are coming to my party tonight. What about you?" "I live alone with my puppy Cody. I studied law for a year but decided it wasn't for me, and now I work at a music store with a bitch and her dad." I say realising how boring my life is "do you have a theme for tonight?" "Yeah, superheroes. It's been 12 years since our song ‘don’t stop’ was released so it seemed fitting" he says "you are welcome to join us... If you don't mind being around a bunch of guys that is" "I have three older brothers, I'm used it it" I say laughing at his comment "what would I dress up as?" "Wonder-Woman, I guess Pepper Potts classes as a superhero, right?" He says frowning "nothing to slutty though or the guys will wet themselves, especially Mikey” He says laughing “and you’re all mine” he whispers under his breath.


I spent ages at the local fancy dress store deciding on what to go as and I ended up with a ‘black widow’ costume which was just a super tight black jumpsuit.

I sent Ashton a text saying I was on my way, almost instantly he replied ‘Okay doll, see you soon xxx" __________________________________

Frantically unlocking the bedroom door and stepping in, he pushed me against the wall and pressed his lips against mine. "You, are so fucking hot" he mutters kissing and sucking at my neck. Laying down on the bed, he took off the catsuit I was wearing off, revealing her lace underwear. He climbed on top of me. He starts tenderly making his way down from my neck to my prominent hipbones, pulling down my knickers he moistens his fingers and slowly enters his middle finger inside me. Moving his head down to the place I needed him, keeping everything at a teasingly slow pace he starts to rotate his rough tongue around my clit, my breathing starts to become erratic and I start moaning. He enters his middle and index finger into me. He doesn't waste any more time, removing his clothes, erection springing free when he removed his underwear. He slowly pushes himself inside me, eliciting a chesty moan, he picks up the pace, moving in and out of me. Exhaling deeply she mutters "You're so big." “What was that, slut?” “You are so big” Easing himself inside me, he could feel me tightening around him, I was going to come. "Oh my god Ashton" I scream digging my nails into his back orgasm rippling throughout my body. I heard him moaning and I could feel him twitching inside me, increasing his speed, he releases himself on my stomache groaning for the final time that night. Rolling off of me, Ashton deeply exhales. "That was amazing"

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