Beautiful Simplicity

A control freak so broken
A simple girl so broken


3. staff only

Beautiful Simplicity


Chapter 3: Staff Only

Chapter Text

It’d had been a week since I had spoken to Ashton since the morning at his place, I’d never had to deal with someone like him before.

I just got on with my life, ignored his calls, walked Cody and went to work.

“I’m going on my lunch break” Gabriella says to me in a rude voice.

“Yeah whatever” I sigh in a monotone voice.

The bell rang as she left and a few seconds later it rang again.

“What did you forget?” I say not looking up from the shitty game I was playing on my phone.

“You’ve been ignoring me” The familiar husky voice says getting closer to me.

“Hi Mikey” I say looking up at the guy with a lollypop in his mouth, this guy is 28 years old

“Ashton.” I say doing my politest ‘Fuck off’ smile.

“Hey Mikey, why don’t you go and look at all the pop-punk music over there?” Ashton says pointing towards all the Sum 41 and Blink CD’s

“What do you want?” I say shortly towards Ashton.

“Why did you leave me love, I’ve been calling you and texting you” He says running a hand through his wavy hair.

“You handcuffed me to a bed and made me call you daddy” I say slightly quieter so Mikey didn’t hear what I said.

“You weren’t complaining when I was doing it” He says certainly looking into my eyes

“Go away Ashton, you creep me out” I say moving from behind the counter to go in the storeroom, I didn’t need anything but I had to get away from him.

“Do not speak to me like that” He says following me obviously ignoring the ‘Staff Only’ sign above the door.

“Piss off Ashton, did you not read the sign” I shout back at him “unless you are staff you need to go”.

“You couldn’t kick me out babe” He says grabbing my wrist, I tried to break free but he was too strong

“Let go of me Ash” I shout again, I have to admit I was getting pretty turned on.

“Let me see you” he says grabbing the collar of my favourite All Time Low shirt and ripping it straight down the middle

“What the fuck Ashton” I scream, I hate to think what this would’ve sounded like to Mikey.

He reaches round to my back and unclasps my bra and lets it fall to the floor.

“You have a beautiful body” He says moving his head down and taking one on my nipples in his mouth

“Ash… Please stop teasing” I whimper mentally kicking myself for basically melting under his touch.

“You are a little slut aren’t you?” He says against my skin “You’re making Daddy really turned on”

“Fuck me Daddy” I say more assertively than the last time we did this

“Now, you’re going to forgive daddy, , because you are daddy’s good little girl aren’t you?” He says pulling away from me to take off the shirt and the casual suit pants he was wearing.

“Yes” I moan loudly

“Yes what?” He says rubbing at his fully erect manhood.

“Yes. Daddy.” I say quietly

“Are you ready babe?” He says pulling my jeans and knickers down and sitting me on the edge of the counter in the store room

“I am, Daddy.” I say pulling him closer towards me “I want you” I whisper in his ear.

He positions himself at my entrance and thrusts in, I winced in slight pain at his size but pain was soon replaced by pleasure.

“I’m sorry, daddy.” I say moaning “Harder. daddy”.

“Of course, love” he says quickening the pace so hard our skin was slapping together.

“I’m close daddy” I moan running my hands along his abs.

“Let go babe” he says thrusting even faster than before

I let myself go around him, walls clenching tightly around his throbbing member, he was close too

“That’s it babe” he says in a low grunt.

Pulling out he finishes on my stomach

“That was great” He says coming down from his high.

“No, you can’t go in there” We hear Mikey scream and ours heads snap in unison towards the door

“Yes, I can. My father is the boss.” We hear Gabriella's snotty voice say to Mikey

I look back to Ashton, who already had got his boxers and suit pants back on.

“Put this on babe, I’ll get you out of this” He says throwing me his shirt

I quickly oblige and find my underwear

“What is going on here?” Gabriella says sternly

“You see the thing is, this girl here” he says pointing at me “came to my house the other week and I scared her and she has been ignoring me and I came here with Mikey and she got super pissed and we basically had an angry fuck” He says smiling politely at Gabriella.

“That is extremely inappropriate, what if a customer had come through, like yourself?’ she says awkwardly

“Well, there is a staff only sign” he says back to her.

“Whatever. Billie, I’m going to have to put you on temporary leave, while we decide where to go with this” she says with a snotty look on her face

“Okay” I says admitting defeat

“I’ll leave you to put your clothes on and then if you leave, that would be appreciated” she says turning around and walking out

“I am so sorry doll” he says walking over to me

“forget the apologies Ashton, how am I going to pay the rent on my apartment and afford food for Cody?” I say close to tears

“I’ll help you out” he said looking like a sad puppy

“I don’t need you're fucking charity” I say pulling my jeans up and walking out followed by Ashton.

“Don’t leave me again love” He says grabbing my arm, managing to break free I shout “We were never together Ashton, leave me alone”

as I run out of the store, before the door shut, I heard Ashton shout “You’re all mine remember”.

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