Beautiful Simplicity

A control freak so broken
A simple girl so broken


2. pancakes and handcuffs

I opened my eyes in a unfamiliar room, it was very modern room, it had all white walls except for the brick wall opposite the bed. This wasn’t my room.

I heard a loud shout followed by laughing downstairs, I got up, realising I was naked.

I grabbed the nearest thing and my underwear and went to investigate.

I opened the door to the room where all the laughing was coming from to see Ashton and his friends from the night before, Luke, Calum and Michael.

Ashton saw me and ran over to me and wrapping his arms around me.

“Good Morning beautiful, did you sleep well?”

“I guess, did we sleep together?” I say whispering so the other guys didn’t hear.

“Yeah, you gave me consent, we were both drunk” He says “Are you on the pill?”

“Yes, I have been since Chase” I say realising he didn’t know who Chase was.

“Mikey made pancakes, do you want some” he asks, leading me towards the kitchen

“Yes please” I say twiddling my thumbs

“Hey doll, are you feeling alright?” he says looking concerned

“Yeah, just worrying”

“about what?” he says putting the plate down and coming to sit next to me.

“Did you use protection?”

“No, but I pulled out, don’t worry babe” he says rubbing my arm “C’mon now the pancakes will be getting cold"


“Mmm, these are the best pancakes I’ve ever had” I say between mouthfuls “I need to get home to Cody and then I need to go to work”

“I’ll take you” he says jumping up, he was very eager.

“Okay, let me get changed” I say getting up with my plate and walking towards the sink.

“Michael, come and wash this plate up please” Ashton shouts

“It’s fine Ash, I can do it” I say

“No you won’t, let Michael do it” he says grabbing my wrists and pulling me upstairs.

Pulling the door open to his bedroom he pushes me in

“Strip” He says, hazel eyes turning darker by the second.

“Ash” I say in a extremely weak voice

“Strip whore, let me see your body” he says more assertive than last time.

I take off his shirt that I found earlier with shaking hands and drop it on the floor and take my underwear off.

“That’s better, lay down. show me.” he says walking over to the chest of drawers, I hear the clang of metal. What is he doing?

“Put your arms up” he says walking back to me, handcuffs in hand.

I put my arms up, unsure of what was going on

“I’m going to cuff you to the bed” he says palming his bulge through his sweatpants.

Cuffing me to the bed, he kisses and sucks at my neck

“Are you ready slut” he whispers nibbling on my earlobe

“Yes” I say exhaling deeply, I must admit I was pretty turned on.

“Call me daddy” He mutters out pulling down his sweatpants and boxer-briefs, erection springing free.

“Yes… Daddy” I stammer.

“Good girl” he says bed dipping as he kneels on it

The way he kissed and sucked at my neck made me jolt my hips forwards into his crotch, making him hiss in pleasure.

He moved his spare hand down between them to palm his hardened length causing him to moan.

Mine and Ashton’s eyes met for a brief moment, that moment no words were spoken. he knew where he needed to be, where I wanted him most.

He started to rub his hands over my legs, between my thighs his touch created sparks, my skin was on fire.

He moistened his fingers still staring at met and slowly enters his middle finger inside me.

My breathing started to become erratic and I started moaning. He entered another finger into me.

He slowly pushed himself inside me, eliciting a chesty moan, he picks up the pace, moving in and out of me gently.

Exhaling deeply I muttered "You're so big, daddy.”

Easing himself inside of me, I started tightening around him, I was going to come.

"Ash, daddy" I screamed, back arched as my orgasm rippled throughout my body.

Ashton felt the warm sensation rising up in his stomach, the feeling cursed through his veins, he increased his speed, he released himself on my stomach groaning still jerking his manhood.

“You’re all mine." He said breathlessly, panting as we both came down from our highs.

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