Boys VS. Girls

Being Louis Tomlinson's sister isn't easy. Especially when he has four other ot teenage friends. And when your brother shares one of your most valued secrets.


3. Second Chances can Turn on you

 Harry POV

 What the hell is wrong with me. Seriously Harry, c'mon. You invited your dick into her body. Who in the name of fuck does that.

Ellen POV

 I sat in my room waiting for Harry to come over since I told him he could. My phone started to vibrate over and over again. I picked it up

 --New Message From: Louis--

Louis: Sup homie

Me: Are you drunk


Me: You spelled no wrong

Louis: Wwerll, O tild evryune u r styll a virhin (Well I told everyoney you are stillll as virgin)

 It took me a minute to figure out his drunk ass bat shit mesage but then it hit me like the day when I was six, he hit me with a baseball bat. He told everyone I was a virgin.


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