Boys VS. Girls

Being Louis Tomlinson's sister isn't easy. Especially when he has four other ot teenage friends. And when your brother shares one of your most valued secrets.


2. Invitation

 Ellen POV

  The next morning, I was sitting in the couch avoiding the boys, especially Louis, watching TV. Today was Wednesday and I had school but I didn't feel likegoing so I was skipping today. "Don't you have school today?" Harry asked as he walked over. "I'm skipping. I don't feel like going." I said sternly, not looking at him at all. "Ah, badass I see." he chuckled. I couldn't help but smile. He looked around behind him and said, " Ya know, virgintiy doesn't have to be a problem anymore." I rasied my brow and looked at him. He winked at me and I gasped which made him laugh a lot. "Listen, its pretty simple. Just have sex and get it over with I mean come on, your Louis' sister and your 16. In this day in age, you probably would have had sex ten tiimes by now." I guess he had a point. "Ok so what does that have  to do with me?" I asked. He pulled imself around to te front of the couch and spread my legs apart, looking at me. My eyes widdended as I shook my head. "C'mon, its not that bad." he gave a reasuring smile . "Fine! But, you have to promise that if I at any time say stop, you better!" "Promise." he said. He picked me up off the couch unti he heard Louis' footsteps. He ploped me right back down before Louis could see making me "umph".


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