Boys VS. Girls

Being Louis Tomlinson's sister isn't easy. Especially when he has four other ot teenage friends. And when your brother shares one of your most valued secrets.


4. Call 'em up!

 Ellen pov

  I was still waiting for Harry, think about how pissed I was with Louis and how I'm gonna kill the fuck out of him when he gets home. Then, the idea came a runnin through my head. What about Harry and what he said earlier. I'll just have sex with em! I called his number

H: Ello

E: Hey its me

E:Where the hell are you?

H:In your driveway

I hung up and I heard him come through the door. "Harryyuneedtohavesexwithme." I said it so fast it sounded like one word.

  "Whoa, whoa, whoa. Slow down there love." he siad. "My fuckin fuck nut of a brother told everyone at that stu-P-it party that I'm a virgin and I just found out that second chances turn on you and holy cow shit I can't breathe." I said panicking. He swooped me up and took me to my bedroom. And that's how I lost it.

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