The supernatural five

Far away deep in the land of mytharica there was a small school where the fairys mermaids vampires werewolves and magical elemental elves go to learn their abilitys and get tested to see which part of the school they claim. But one day there was a regular human named nya norman. One day Nya was shopping with her best friend Clairabell the fairy daughter of tinker bell and found the secret portal of magica outside the food court! Clairabell was so exited to bring Nya into the land to show her her family and around mytharica. Nya has to blend in as a supernatural to fit in and really does have the real life dream she was expecting all along.


1. Baguettes and breadsticks

nya Norman is 15 working at baguettes and breadsticks bakery. Nya works hard after studying for school and coming back from her part time job. Knock knock "it must be Nya Cristina, Luke and Tyler!" Mrs Norman answers the door welcoming her children. "Mum can I please go shopping with clairabell tonight I don't have work!" Nya asks "sure you can but aren't you tired from school? What did you do today?" The others go up into their rooms " nothin much we played baseball and I got a home run!" Nya says excitedly " oh that's my girl! You've allways been a sporty girl! Great job! Get ready, call clairabell and be home by 9:00 to study your Tudor is coming later!" "My tutor? From 5th grade?" "I'll tell you later just skidattle!" Nya Hurrys up to her room puts on her favorite coat and scarf, her glasses and ties up her long hair. "Hmmm. I wonder why my hair grows so much?" She goes to grab a headband and sees the story her mother used to read to her, it was repunzell she looks and the picture of repunzells hair then her own. "That's impossible!" She yells to her self curious and thinks about asking her mum when she gets back. she puts it back in the storage unit safe to read to her children when older. She sits on her bed and texts clairabell " omg brt!" And then hears a knock on the door. She answers it " hi how did you get here so fast?" She asks " oh fairy flyers transportation" Clairabell says " ok let's go!" Nya holds on to clairabell's hand and they arrive at the mall.

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