America's New Life

America's life is turned upside down after her mother decides her family needs to go back to where they came from... And after tragedy strikes things just get worse. On the bright side things can only get better from here, right?
© RGD 2015


1. what

"what!?" I heard my self say, "America, it's not the end of the world honey, we'll only be gone for a year." my mother calmly replied, as if it was no big deal. Who does she think she is, I have a life here I can't just pack my bags and move to another country. Besides she'd have my brother to keep her company, but then again Anthony wasn't very good company. "no, I'm not going." I said bitterly, " America this is not up to you, you are going and that is final!" I knew she trying to remain calm,but she had a bad temper,still, I was not going to Brazil, grrr... " Mom," I said trying to cry "can I please stay, you know I'll have better schooling here," the old school card, I knew she couldn't say no to that, but the answer I got was not what I wanted to hear."I'll think about it.", " urggg" I grumbled and stormed into my room, slamming the door so hard I thought the house would crumble. I lay on my bed,staring at the ceiling, I began thinking about my situation, I thought about school, my friends, my crush, just the thought of him made my heart flutter, I didn't want to leave it all behind. I couldn't leave it behind. I felt a single stray tear roll down my cheeks, I tried to keep it in, but I couldn't, tears came streaming down my face. I cried for what felt like hours but was truly minutes. They finally stopped, and I decided to try to reason with my mom again.

"mãe" I called her in my native language Portuguese,as I walked into her room, I found her already packing her bags. "yea, Mer?"

She said without looking at me, " I'm old enough to stay here by myself mom, please I'm 16 I can take care of myself." she scoffed,"America,you don't even clean you room and you expect me to trust you alone in this country."

" mom you know, if I stay I'll probably get into a good collage, wouldn't that be good mom, don't YOU want me to have a bright future?" I questioned, trying to guilt her. " America Gabriela Gennova, I told you that I'd think a out it" I let myself cry, right in front of her," mom please let me stay, I'll do anything,I'll do better in school, please mãe." i sobbed. " why do you want to go?" I questioned her "fine," she finally said,"if you wanna stay, that bad, then maybe your aunt jasmine will let you stay with her." "really,mom?!" i perked up a bit. " yea i thought about it-" she paused " this is the best place for you." I listened intently as my mother continued "i want to give you the best opportunity in life, if you think staying is what you want then, fine." "thanks mom,"i said giving her hug and wiping away a single tear from her face. "mom, you know i love you right?" she began to cry again "yea,.. I know sweetie.." she said planting a kiss on my forehead. " here,mom," i said picking up a few of her shirts and placing it in her suitcase " let me help you finish packing" she nodded.

3 Days later

I stood in the airport along with my mom and brother Anthony, we were waiting for their plane to arrive. "now America, I want you to respect you aunt and uncle, do what they-" I cut her off " yes mom know I'll do what they say, and yes, I'll be good." I said giving her a hug. " Now boarding, flight 211 to Brazil, at gate 5." said the announcer. " I love you Merica." said my little brother giving me a hug and a quick kiss on my cheek. "I love you too Tony." I gave him a hug but I couldn't let him go, he was my partner in crime, my best friend, and my little man. " Merica, let go" he said giggling " Sorry," I said " I'm just gonna miss ya." I said beginning to cry. " I know I'll miss you too." he said shedding a tear. " be good to mom, okay?" I told him. . I moved on to my mom, I hugged her, but this time she wouldn't let me go. I didn't want to let her leave, I began to crying uncontrollably " mom I love you, and promise me you'll come back soon, okay?" I said between sobs " I will honey, take care okay, I love you." she too was crying now. " mommy we have to go" Anthony told her tugging on her red shirt. She wiped away her tears, and kissed my head, " I'll see you soon America, I love you sweetheart." she said walking away. I couldn't manage a single word so I said nothing, I just stood there watching them walk away... " America," said a voice I recognized as my aunt Jasmine's " sweetie we have to go." she quietly told me, I nodded but didn't move. " come on America." she said carefully nudging me forwards.

The ride to my new home was taking forever. "Oh, America,"my aunt said turning around in her seat to face me " Lilly is so excited to see you again...." "great" I said rolling my eyes. Yet she still smiled and ignored my rude gesture. "and she's so happy you'll be moving in with us.." but al I heard was blah, blah, and more blah. Ugh, I thought as I stared out the car window. I watched the trees go by for the rest of the ride. At least- I thought my self, I won't have trouble making friends, my aunt lives in the same town so, yeah I'll get to see ,Aimee, Victoria, Jaclyn, and Ana whose been my best friend for as long as I could remember.... But most of all Patrick, he was the boy that I've liked for the past like three years. He was the nicest, funniest and cutest, guy I knew. His eyes were A beautiful shade of blue ( it reminds me of the ocean), his smile could light up the whole room, his hair was perfect, it was such a shade of dirty blond that it was almost brown.*mental sigh* he was tall too, he stood about 6'1, from my perspective anyway. But he could never like some like me. I have dark brown eyes, slightly tanned skin almost honey like, I have high cheek bones on a heart shapes head. My dark brown,curly hair falls just below my chest, and I'm 5'6. I'm not the definition of pretty. I'm okay.

"America, honey we're here" my aunt said jolting me back to reality. "oh,ok" I said unenthusiastically.

I climbed out of the back seat and smoothed out my light pink maxi dress. I stared I my new house it was a big blue Victorian home, with white shutters, and a white door. There was a big white gazebo in the back yard, and a tire swing on a big oak tree. It was the definition of a "perfect" home. "Your mom asked us if you could stay with us kind of last minute, so we didn't have time to get the guest room ready for you." my aunt said leading me inside. She then led me up a lovely chrome and dark wood stair case to a carpeted hallway. " why don't get settled in, I'll give you a tour later." she told me opening a white door to our left. "okay." I said solemnly. I walked in to a room with white carpet and white walls. I have to ask her if I can paint these walls they're so plain, I thought to myself.....

So should I continue? Is there anything I should change? Your opinion really matters to me, so if there's anything I could do to make this a better book please don't hesitate to comment. With your help I'll have a new chapter up ASAP!

Xo, Beca

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