America's New Life

America's life is turned upside down after her mother decides her family needs to go back to where they came from... And after tragedy strikes things just get worse. On the bright side things can only get better from here, right?
© RGD 2015


3. Knock,knock

When I opened my eyes, I felt a sharp pain on my left shoulder and my aunt was worriedly pacing near me. "What happened?" I asked. She quickly turned around and hugged me. " oh, America, I'm so so sorry." And just like that I remembered.. " ar are they o-kay?" I managed to say, I felt burning tear slowly drip down my face, as if it wanted me to forever remember today. " honey, shh shh, don't cry ok?" She tried to remain calm but I could tell she was holding back tears of her own. Her voice shaky as was she. "it will be ok"she assured me. " no it won't" I whispered back. My mom, my beautiful mom, she may be injured or dead. Just the thought made me cry even more. My aunt helped me up and guided me into the living room and onto the couch. Anthony, my best friend and brother, was he alright? I need to know. I felt like screaming at the top of my lungs, my heart was being ripped to shreds within me. "Tia," I croaked "yeah" she responded "I need to know if they're okay" " I'm sure someone will call us, we just have to wait" she told me. "But-" she cut me off, " I know you don't want to wait, but it's the only thing we can do." "Ok." I managed to reply. "Now, I'll make some chamomile tea, and ask your uncle to take lily out, so you won't be bothered. Alright?" "Yeah, that I-is fine." I told her. "Now just rest." And with that she went upstairs, and I was left alone...with my thoughts. Your mind can be a cruel thing when something happens, it gives you horrible thoughts, makes you believe your worst nightmare are real...

It was about 11:30 in the morning when there was a knock at the door, my aunt answered it. "Yes?" She politely questioned. "Hello I'm officer Keiren, are you Jasmine Perry?" The officer , clearly a man, asked in return. "Yes,I am" she replied. "Sorry, but may I come in ma'am?" He asked her. "Yes, of course, come in officer." She assured opening the door a bit wider and leading a tall, young brown haired police officer into the kitchen. I walked into the kitchen after them." Are they alright" I questioned him, he turned to me and asked "I'm sorry? are you America Gennova?". "Yes"I quietly said that one word as if it was forbidden. "I'm sorry your mom didn't make it.." He told me sadly. My eyes widened and I just stared at him dumbfounded. " my Brother okay?" I finally managed to ask. "He is, but he is fighting for his life, I'm afraid he is in a coma." He replied emotionlessly. " oh my" aunt Jasmine said trembling as she drank her tea. I wonder how she's feeling. Is she upset, surprised, does she even care about my mother?

"Thank you officer Keiren, for bringing us the news..." My aunt said trying to sound stable " no problem ma,am, I hope the boy recovers and I hope y'all feel better soon" officer Keiren told us as we walked him out.

I was devastated at the news. In less that 48 hours my whole life came crashing down. I was no longer carefree I was now forever bound to solidarity. I couldn't breath my calmness had worn off as soon as the officer left, I was a wreck, I trudged to the brown leather L couch and I laid down . I got into the fetal position and I cried until all I could see was darkness, I drifted off into the calming and reassuring darkness...

Omg, what a shock.




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