America's New Life

America's life is turned upside down after her mother decides her family needs to go back to where they came from... And after tragedy strikes things just get worse. On the bright side things can only get better from here, right?
© RGD 2015


2. Crash

I eventually fell asleep, I guess staring at walls drain you pretty quickly. I woke up around 8 in the morning, which is pretty early considering its a Saturday, anyways I decided to go watch a little tv. So I quietly crept down the stairs, but as soon as I reached the main floor I remembered I didn't know where the living-room was. ( you may be wondering, hasn't she ever been to her aunt's house before? The answer is yes and no, I've been outside but never inside. Why you may ask my aunt and mom aren't very close) I contemplated my options, waking up aunt jasmine or finding the living-room myself, I decided the latter of the two was best. I turned left and I was in the kitchen, but there was a tv there and my stomach started grumbling so decided to watch tv here and have breakfast. I turned on the tv and the morning news was on ( fun fact: I like the news), so I went on to make my cereal, I was carrying my bowl back to the island when I heard the anchor say " last night we received word that flight 211, crashed in Miami, Florida.... There are a few survivors in critical conditions..." My heart sank, I felt like darkness was engulfing me, eating me alive and it was...

Sorry for the short chapter, but don't you love cliffhangers? I know I do, just kidding. Do think America's mom and Anthony are okay?

Xo, Beca🎀

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